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Wednesday, 17 May 2006
Break The Secrets of Traveling with The Da Vinci Code: Hot Da Vinci Code Location Tours
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Break The Secrets of Traveling with The Da Vinci Code: Hot Da Vinci Code Location Tours

What are the top locales described by Dan Brown in the Da Vinci Code book and movie?

There is no doubt a new segment of the travel industry has just been made popular by the hugely fiction novel, The Da Vinci Code. Location Travel has always been around in books such as Midnight in the Garden of Eden, The Sea and the Old Man, and various movies such as Lord of the Rings in the case of New Zealand. Dan Brown and his wife took the idea of location travel to a higher level. Without any doubt, fans and regular tourists will want to visit France, London and elsewhere to inquire about the sites mentioned in the book. So far, The Louvre remains one of the most famous destinations. Keep in mind that The Louvre is in Paris and is also the repository of Leonardo Da Vinci's most famous painting, Mona Lisa.

Saint-Sulpice Church has gorgeous Delacroix frescoes and a tall obelisk with a golden ball. The next place to visit is Chateau Villette owned by a California realtor. It is not open to the public. What a great advertisement for this great 185-acre estate that is open for vacations, weddings and other events? Next comes Temple Church in London. As far as London is concerned, there are a lot of interesting sites to see. While traveling with The Code, one will never stop enjoying the Westminster Abbey which is one of the most visited churches in London. We must add that the priest of the Westminster Abbey did not let the crew shoot the film at the abbey. So they had to go to another church and create a replica decor to match that of Westminster Abbey. Rosslyn Chapel as well as the Vatican and other places mentioned in the book and movie should be part of anybody's travel plans.

More and more tourists will find a trip to Europe very interesting this year.

Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 11:49 PM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 17 May 2006 11:50 PM PDT
Monday, 27 February 2006
Oscar Dresses That Can Inspire Prom & Quincenera Celebrants
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Updated: Sunday, 5 March 2006 9:44 PM PST
Thursday, 12 January 2006
Getting Fit To Wear Your Prom, Sweet Sixteen, Wedding & Quincenera Dresses or Gowns
Topic: GeorgiapromDresses

Walk Off Weight to Fit into your Perfect Prom, Wedding & Quincenera Dresses

The perfect dress has already been found. The wedding, prom or Quincenera reservations are already made. The guest lists are already prepared. Some are already mailed out. Reservations for Limo, dress trials and hair salon are booked. In the months and weeks leading to the big days, there are a few things you can do to improve your silhouette or figure. Now, young men and women want to look their best in their tuxedos and gowns on prom nights or wedding day. They can engage in the least costly (cheapest) activity ahead of time in order to reap all the benefits.

All the proponents of walking state that walking can work wonders. I truly believe in its power. Those who walk start burning fat even on the first day of walking. Heavy men and women can benefit from the wonders of walking. All they need to get started is a pair of tennis shoes and some weather-appropriate clothes. It is not too late to have a trim figure before your prom and wedding date. Having a svelte figure will help you find better choices of dresses and gowns. That does not mean that prom fashion designers, wedding designers have not been thinking about those who are described as being rubenesque. Rubenesque is a term born of 17th century painter Peter Paul Rubens' full-figured women. Also, in other eras, corseted women with tiny waists were preferred for some odd reasons. That is in itself the evolving history of taste, appropriate attitude and what passes for standards of beauty. After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! Just like the Nike ads for Dove have shown, what is perceived to be obese and overweight can also be healthy (as in thighs of thunder etc). Attitudes do change over time. It was not uncommon for people to worship obese people. Art books show these full-figured people. In the contemporary days, obese people are worshipped among the Masai in Kenya. The Masai warriors are fed to become obese and portray abundance.

Walking and engaging in other types of exercises can be the solution to combat obesity. Once one is aware of what needs to be done to change his or her profile, the battle can be said to be half-won. If you are not a believer in the power and wonders of walking, consider the findings of these studies: It has been shown that regular walking can help formerly inactive people these ways: a. To Lose weight, b. to prevent or help control diabetes c. To streghthen bones d. to lower blood pressure and "bad" cholesterol levels e. to reduce heart attack and stroke risk f. to cut the odds of developing breast cancer g. to fend off depression and anxiety.

Looking great for your wedding, prom and quincenera events may turn out to be temporary, but by walking and exercising, you are planting the seeds to a long and rich, functional life. Without spending much, you are building your health capital. Every step is an investment towards a healthy lifestyle.


Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 7:07 PM PST
Updated: Thursday, 12 January 2006 7:09 PM PST
Monday, 24 October 2005
Destiny's Child May Be Broken, but The Group Members Will Keep Their Dresses
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Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 12:01 AM PDT
Updated: Thursday, 27 October 2005 10:50 PM PDT

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