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Saturday, 20 May 2006
Palm Bluffs as Central San Joaquin Valley's New Car Corridor
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Palm Bluffs as Central San Joaquin Valley's New Car Corridor

If you want to buy a luxury car, you must to Palm Bluffs which has become one of the fastest-growing commercial developments in the Fresno area. Do you want a BMW? How about a Mercedes-Benz? How about this great Acurat TL or RL? Well, you may want the Acura MDX. But you may find what you are looking right at Lexus next door after stopping by the Starbucks.

Now, CarMax is coming to town. It is a publicly held company that specializes in the used car market. Industry insiders say that CarMax is in a growth mode. One of its representatives said that the company likes being close to Wal-Mart and Lowe's. In fact, right next to what will be CarMax is a booming hot Wal-Mart store. It is a great way for cottong cooperative, Calcot, to develop the land. I personally thought that this land was very precious. It is a gold mine due to its prime location. The same goes for Wal-Mart that is blanketing the Valley with supercenters. It wa sa few weeks ago that a new supercenter was open in Dinuba. This week, Wal-Mart opened a new supercenter in Handord, CA. Supersized Wal-Marts are here to stay. More are on the way. Maybe CarMax also has a plan to build more in the Valley. At least for now, CarMax and Wal-Mart appear to be bed fellows. It remains to be seen what the local businesspeople will do in terms of competition. Who can compete with the low prices offered by Wal-Mart?

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Tuesday, 28 February 2006

High-end, Upscale Clothing Boutiques Offer California's Central Valley Residents New Shopping Experience
Topic: Wishlistshopping

As the Valley welcomes its new residents who are seeking a better and more affordable living standard, more space for their bucks, the needs to provide them with high-end boutiques increase. These new Bay Area or Southern California transplants want luxury in cars, clothes and homes. And they bring the big bucks from the sales of their homes. Flushed with cash, they want to spend on themselves and their kids. They want to find in the Central Valley the same type of shopping experience they left behind. Some of them have resorted to making weekly or monthly trips to the Bay Area, San Francisco and other high fashion destinations to be able to find the lastest trends in fashion. A large group of them don't want to lose out on their shopping experience.

In fact, it is not uncommon for young women from the Valley to travel to Los Angeles or San Francisco to buy dresses, handbags and other accessories from stores that carry hard-to-find merchandise. Usually, they want to wear something unique. For those who can't travel, they shop at Target which is carrying some nice clothing brands appealing to the young crowd. They also shop at Mervyn's, JCPenny, Macy's Khol's stores, Federated Departments, Chicos, Marshalls, Sears, Gottschalks and a a collection of stores at Fashion Fair Mall. The chance of running into somebody else wearing the same dress at a social event increases. No wonder that

It's clear that these new residents or "equity refugees" have forced investors and marketers to take a look at them. These new people want everything. Their list of needs ranges from A to Z. Home Depot provides them with materials with which their homes got built. Lowe's helps them maintain and furnish these hot homes mushrooming the disappearing orchards.

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Listen to your heart

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Saturday, 29 October 2005
Classic Formal Prom, Upscale and Sophisticated Urbanites: Prom Dresses & Prom Planning
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Fashion, Hip Hop Music and Design: What are designers saying about sexiness, style?
What are you most likely to find in an upscale Home, Mansion, Manhattan Loft? magazine (December 2004 issue) published the comments of Hedi Slimane on what's sexy. The following is an excerpt of what he said. He is the Christian Dior menswear designer. In this column, he takes on Hollywood stylists and the French's misguided fashion sense. He is definitely not a French style and couture sympathizer. Is there anyone out there who will give him a few lessons in French couture and culture? "French men can be a little contrived and stiff, and so conservative," he siad. "I think English men have incredible style. Forget the French." Wow! Forget the French!

You may wonder what he'd say about the sex appeal and swagger of Usher Raymond. Would he even appreciate the blingbling master jeweller to the rap artists, NFL players, NBA players? "Sexiness" sounds a little dodgy to me, trying hard with low tricks. It's not about cheap cruising in a cheap outfit but about authentic sexuality. you have it or you don't. No need to dress like a bunny to advertise it.

Furthermore, he added that fashion is totally connected to street culture and has been under the influence of rock since the fifties. "I truly believe the most interesting phenomenon to emerge is this new generation of bands, like the Libertines and Franz Ferdinand. It will, without any doubt, be the most influential movement in men's fashion for the next couple of years.

Hedi has some advice for men. "Every man should own a black jacket that is very well tailored, a white shirt or simple T-shirt, a good pair of jeans, simple black shoes or boots..."

What did he have to say about thin and big, like in thin and big guys? "Thin is better with clothes. Big, in terms of shape, is better without clothes," he said. He soon realized he can't legislate people's taste and choice. He corrected himself soon. "It's a matter of choice and taste. Diets are available for men, too." A question for Hedi could be the following one: How many men have you seen suffering with anorexia nervosa?

He had some good observations about American men. "There is an ease with American men. They have a really particular, casual way to wear sophisticated clothes, which I love." How come he did not say much about American women's high sense of style, fashion and sexiness? All he needs to do to be inspired is to look out through the windows and peer down from the skyscraper? Maybe he can't see these beautiful women of all shapes wearing the best designer clothes on the streets of New York, Chicago, Manhattan Financial district, San Francisco, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara?

The American professionals can be seen wearing designs by Ralph Lauren, Energie, Abercombie & Fitch, Y-3, Hermes, Paul Smith accessories, Ermenegildo Zegna, Banana republic, Barbour, Jean Paul Gaultier.

Fashion is on the street. It starts on the runways but ultimately finds validity on the streets by pedestrians and passersby who are shocked to notice it.

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Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 10:08 AM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 2 November 2005 1:14 AM PST

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