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Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Topic: AllSeasonTravels

Hannah Teter went gold, was stoked while friend and teammate Gretchen Bleiler took silver

Female snowboarders equaled men's performance on the chute. It was the coolest day ever for the young women who know the ways to get flying into the air. If they go up, they also know how to come down or stomp their landings. It is all about respect and having fun on the powdery ice. Teter flipped, flew and did acrobatic tricks to win her medal. So did Bleiler. Here is what brought Teter her gold medal in her winning run. She went big on frontside 540 melon which is three rotations, method, frontside 900 (five rotations) stalefish; backside indy, frontside 360 grab and a cab 540 switch stalefish. Now her brothers who taught her how to snowboard are also the proud winners in these games. After all, these games are a family matter.

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