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Tuesday, 14 September 2004
Dr. Eleni Rockas's Athens Olympic Journal
Mood:  celebratory

This photo is of me with Chris' aunt's son- Dr. Nikos Tsopelas, ophthalmologist, in downtown Athens.

Me agapi, Eleni

Thanks.... for sending that news story to me and all of my and your friends. What an experience. The Greek are surprised that I would come all this way to volunteer to make their Games successful. Great PR for volunteerism which is really a new word in the Greek language.

I have an invitation to visit Brazil from a young man I met who is living at the hotel. You never know, some day. Eleni

Hi gang!

I'm getting into the routine now. I am scheduled to work 6-8 hours every day and have every 6th day off. I have 3 different shifts: 5 a.m. - 1 pm. or 11 am. - 6 pm or 5 pm. to 1 am. I must admit, though, that after arriving and checking in to get my lunch ticket, I wait for1-2 hours before I am assigned a specific duty. Today I helped at the West gate entrance, checking people's tickets to make sure they came on the right date and to the right venue. Then I helped them go through security. Our instructions are to be very polite and helpful. All of the volunteers are very nice to everyone. They check with me frequently to make sure I am not tired standing and they supply me with as much cold bottled water as I want.

The importantness of cleanliness is stressed. They are constantly cleaning, sweeping both manually and on small golf cart type devices with brushes that automatically clean. THere is this little cart that they drive that has 2 smiling faces on the front that says it makes people happy when the environment is clean.

Each day I receive a pamphlet: "HEALTH INFORMATIN FOR VISITORS TO GREECE" It has 3 sections: "Gastroenteritis-Traveler's diarrhea-foodborne diseases - "Airborne diseases" and "Sexually transmitted and bloodborne diseases." It is written in English and in Greek as are most pamphlets.

One I picked up yesterday was regarding what people should do when the temperature is very hot: Wear light colored loosse clothing made of cotton or linen, wear a hat with a large bill, wear sunglasses, Put on sun block at least an SPF of 15, drink water often, shower frequently with cool water, avoid alcohol.


Sent in on 9-2-2004 by Eleni

Hi everyone! My enthusiasm has still not diminished one iota. On Sunday my shift was from noon to 5:30. Then I asked one of the Supers if I could help usher folks into the stadium. She said OK so "I was in!" What a wonderful experience-the sites were breath-taking, the Greek dancing and music were great! The extinguishing of the Olympic Torch, the speech by the Olympic committee chairman; all was great.

Then the volunteers and the performers had a party and what did they do? Dance Greek!!!! accompanied by the lute and drums. Now everything is settling back and I am anxiously awaiting for the start of the Paralympics on Sept. !9. 2 days ago I was invited by Dr. John and Sophia Evrigenis from Sacramento to spend a night with them at Loutraki a resort area 1 hour from Athens. Beautiful. Rode the bus down the brand new road with tunnels. Had a swim in the clear warm thallassa (sea).

Tonight I have been invited to a reception for Rip Kastaris at The ministry of Foreign Affairs.

See you... Eleni

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Updated: Saturday, 23 October 2004 6:37 AM
Friday, 27 August 2004
2004 Athens Olympics Journal by Eleni or Dr. Helen R.
Mood:  celebratory

My dear Friends:

What an adventure!!! I have met so many great people from all over the world! This morning, I met a man born in Bangladesh who lives in Athens and is President of the HELLENIC COMMUNITY OF FOREIGN PEOPLE & IMMIGRANTS. Farid A. He invited me and my friends to have coffee and tiropeta. The K. family is staying at my hotel. He says that the only way to have peace in the world is to vote for John Kerry! "With that peace will come....."

I will try to find a t-shirt with ITS ALL GREEK TO ME written on it but most of the t-shirts have the greek flag on them and/or "Athena 2004, OLympics".

Last night I attended a performance at the Herod Attica Theatre at the base of the Acropolis. Being a volunteer I was told that I could get free tickets. 4 tickets were available for each person. I asked if I could get 4 more and I got them under Thea Maria's(hereafter referred to as TM) name.

I asked the Athanassiadis to come but they had already invited someone to dinner. I asked Dr. Nikos T. and his girlfriend, Maro, to come but Nikos was seeing patients last night. Therefore I invited TM who was so excited to come, my first cousin, Litsa M., Lena M., who is married to Litsa's son, Theophanis, and Lena's oldest daughter, Sofia, 8 yr old.

I also invited Sofia and Genti P. I met them at a coffee house. Sofia is completing her studies as a Maritime Transport Economist. Her husband, Genti, is a violinist in the Athens Orchestra and has a BA degree in music. They gave me a CD with several classical compositions on it. Genti is Greek/Roumanian. They are both wonderful beautifull people. So kind and sweet.

Now, let's get back to the games

Last night the Olympic Torch was returned to the Acropolis inAthens!!! Carl Lewis was carrying it. It was given to the mayor of Athens, Dora Bacogiannis, and Ioanna Daskalakis Angelopoulou, the chairman of the Athens Olympic Games at the GREAT ANCIENT HEROD ATTICUS THEATRE. (It appears that women are responsible for the success that Greece has had in bringing the Olympic Games to Athens.) Formal ceremonies were held with other previous Olympic Medal winners present. We were able to see all of these festivities projected on a large screen in the Herold Atticus Theatre. King Constantine and his wife were also there. Even though he has no power, the Greek people still love honor and respect him.

Then the Philharmonic Orchestra of Patras played (mostly string players with a trumpet solo) 4 compositions. Then Markopulos, classic pianist, performed with the orchestra on a large grand piano. TM and I were able to sit with the Special Needs people because TM cannot walk without my holding her arm.

We had GREAT SEATS. I have it all on my camcorder so you can see it when I return. Tonight, Dr. Nikos Tsopelas has invited me and other friends to his home in EKALI (1 hr. away) to watch the Opening Ceremonies on his large screen. I will remain there overnight.

I begin my duty on Saturday, from 6 pm to 1 am. My job will be to welcome people and help them fiknd their way arround and answer questions. My venue is SPECTATOR SERVICES and I have been assigned to the Central Gate. We are called the FACE OF THE GAMES. We are told to be very polite and helpful to everyone. If they are upset and anxious, we should do our best to calm them down .

I can hardly wait for my shift to begin. I will be working every day 7-8 hours/day but different hours every day. I have 1 day off every 5 days. On Sunday, August 14 I will work from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm.

My friends from USA, Jeannine R. (retired attorney) and husband, Jim, teaches Sociology at FCC have arrived and live in a flat in a suburb, N. I.. Gudo H., nutritionist and husband Ken clinical psychologist, who teaches at FCC will arrive tonight at 11 pm.

More later, Me polli agapi, Eleni


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Thursday, 19 August 2004
From Helen to Eleni As Seen On NBCOlympics
Mood:  celebratory

The following is an excerpt from Deirdre's Olympic Diary:

"'Helen' is how her friends in Fresno and patients at the local hospital where she was a pediatrician know her. But, like Madonna, Helen has changed her name and prefers to be called "Eleni." Unlike Madonna, there's a decent reason for the moniker mystique. Eleni is Greek for Helen. Eleni is a 70-year-old recently retired Fresno pediatrician who is living out a lifelong dream. The dream was not to work at the Olympics. The dream was for Helen to do something just for Helen, sorry, Eleni. Eleni spent her life taking care of a family and taking care of patients. Now, she's taking care of herself."

Check the rest of the story or Deidre's Olympic Diary at NBCOlympics/KCRA

Credit Link:

If you want to work these Olympic games, the network to turn to is NBC Network.

Way to go, NBC! Picture is also by NBCOlympics site!

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Eleni or Dr. Helen R.'s Olympic Journal Notes
Mood:  celebratory

Our Own Helen or Eleni Finds Joy and Herself Again in Athens

Thea Maria is so proud of me.

Watch NBC TODAY everyday. You may see me on it. They tape here everyday from 2-5 pm at the main stadium where I am assigned. I got Katy, Matt and Al to autograph my hat. I will try to get them to interview me-FAT CHANCE!!! You may see me in the crowd inb front of the studio.

Dr. Nikos said that the Greeks here are afraid that there will be a great depression when the Olympics end because many people have been hired to construct the venues and they will all be unemployed. It seems to me that the Greeks needed this to put some fire under them so they can produce this magnificent happening. They have improved their transportation system tremendously. They have cleaned the environment and have planted many new trees and bushes.

Gudo and her husband Ken did the ACROPOLIS together today and then were invited to have lunch with Thea Maria at the DYONISUS RESTAURANT with a GREAT VIEW of the ACROPOLIS.


Love from wonderful ATHENS!!!!

Thanks, Andy for the research for Sofia and Genti. I will give them a copy of your e-mail.

Me poli agapi

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