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Monday, 4 October 2004
Time To Grill with Weber
Topic: Home/Garden

Here is the grill you need for your cooking

There may not be any better venue to showcase the versatility, cooking power and prowess of this Weber Summit 650 Grill than at a Church cookout. In the hands of a super chef who takes great pride in his mission of feeding his fellow church members, this grill can possibly bring out the best of anybody who wants to prepare his/her family's meals. I never knew this well-built grill was around until my church buddy told me about it. For the sake of this review, I will call him Rob. Despite the fact he never pays too much attention to his material possessions, he always enjoys investing in equipment and cooking ware that will last. What else to expect from a hard-working young man who has been so successful in practically everything he touches? I have known him for many years now. Our friendship started in college when he was the center of attention because of his goofy apron and wild campout cooking parties on week-ends. We have managed to stay friends all these years. Adding a Weber Summit 650 Grill to his collection is no big deal at all.

I had the opportunity to help him prepare 4th of July meals for a large congregation. Obviously, we had to have many other helpers with various types of barbecues. Almost everybody dropped by the Summit 650 grill to congratulate him. For Rob, that's all he needed to hear. And he did not hesitate to tell the story of the Weber grill which most of the attendees were familiar with. It was as if he wanted to tell them to drop whatever grill they had to buy a new one. Just like this one!

On this unusual great weather for a 4th of July in California, elders, youth and children started mingling on the premises of the church. Almost each family brought some meals or pies for the potluck. From where our tent was erected, we could see the volleyball games. Some of the participants were just talking while their children were involved in throwing frisbee. What a great time to barbecue and engage in fellowship? The smoke coming out of the other barbecues was pushed our way by the light breeze. In the meantime, we were busy cooking chicken breasts, hot dogs, tri-tip and steak etc. Some of the other cooks were responsible for some specific ingredients. Everything was going well. For all the years, Weber grills have been around, the above story is just a glimpse of all the occasions they have been used. These grills have the power of creating beautiful backgrounds for families' get-together as well as company-wide and public events.

Let's take a brief look at the history of Weber grills before concentrating on this specific model, the Summit 650 Grill

Ah, who doesn't remember the various kinds of barbecues we grew up with? These are long-gone, smoke-filled memories, but for some reasons, we can all remember the various occasions a weber was used to prepare our meals. It was probably a graduation reception, a wedding, anniversary or just a family gathering for some birthday. For some, it was the holidays. Every Summer, Weber grills go from the storage rooms, garage or backyard to the swimming pools deck, driveways, patios and front yard. It's time to start grilling and tasting the delicious hamburgers with slices of red watermelon!

Webers' grilling history

The first Weber was manufactured in 1952 by George Stephen of suburban Chicago. It was called George's Barbecue. Stephen worked for the Weber Brothers Metal Works located in Palatine, ILL. That's where he cut a metal buoy in half, made a dome-shaped grill with a rounded lid. That's the precursor to the latest, upgraded Weber Summit 650 Grill. Then, Stephen started selling his Weber kettle in 1954. Then, the revolution was well on its way. It progressed so much that it practically reached everybody, all the consumers in America. This guy saw a need and decided to meet it.

What about the Weber Summit 650 Grill? What are its features? What's great about them?

First things first, it will allow you to cook your meals with lots of flair and ease. There is no doubt about it all. That's what I found out at the church cookout. The first thing you will like about this grill is all the space you have to put down your ingredients and condiments. The stainless steel work tables are very convenient in that you won't have to worry about placing your cooked or uncooked food away from you. If you don't have the luxury of having a table nearby, these work tables will fill the void. Depending on the amount of foods you are preparing, you will probably use the condiment baskets. Furthermore, you will be attracted to the 6 individually adjustable heavy-duty stainless steel burners. It's my personal impression that this grill will be used more than the home stove. It makes outdoor cooking more affordable and pleasurable. Just give the house a break from the mixture of aromas or smells that can get trapped indoors.

You will also be noticing other features such as the crossover ignition system and optional 14,000 BTU side burner, the stainless steel welded-rod cooking grate, warming rack and smoker attachment. If you have to cook a lot, you will make great use of the warming rack. The last thing you want to do is to serve cold food to your guests or family members.

This grill takes care of the perennial cooking problems: When is the food done?

The thermometer measures the temperature and checks whether your food is done or not. More than anything, you feel great cooking on such a grill.

Where can you use this Weber Summit 650 Grill?

What can you cook on this grill? Anything and everything.

Practically all over. As I previously mentioned, just take it to the graduation, birthday, holidays, wedding, anniversary, work site event, church potluck, on the bank of the lake, back and front porches, driveways, garage etc. For that matter, you can just take it anywhere. Just load it up on the back of your truck and head out for the meet!

Fuel source: Gas

Good luck grilling this Summer season!

Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 9:18 AM
Updated: Monday, 30 May 2005 7:45 PM
Wednesday, 29 September 2004
B-B-Que USA: Grilling Tips
Mood:  hungry
Topic: Home/Garden

If hot dogs, sodas, ice cream and sandwiches are well-known foods and beverages found in the American culinary landscape, Summer grilling and feasting on traditional, time-proven meals are synonymous with a good time. In my mind, there is no Summer without back yard BBQ, not far away from the swimming. Barbecuing the right food items is a very important element in the Summer decor. Grilling tuna steak or any other type of fish, preparing kebabs and preparing corn on the cob are truly important parts of the Summer meals. When my wife bought this book last May, I did not care about opening it until I started hanging out more around the pool. There is something very peculiar about tasting chlorine and knowing that this taste can be erased with the piece of fruits and barbecued food items located right on the deck.

BBQ USA by Steve Raichlen is the right Summer Book to get your barbecue season started

Each time I drive into the countryside, I get to see huge, vast green fields of corn. I just can't wait to buy some firm, full ears to grill at home. In fact, buying ears of corn is one of the pleasures of Summer that most people in this country and particularly this state enjoy. With year-round great outdoors weather, we tend to take advantage of what nature has to offer. So grilling becomes second nature to us. Steve wants to share his secret recipe with us. "Strip the husk back like you'd peel a banana, tying it below the corn to form a sort of handle. Then splash some light olive oil on it. You can also use melted butter. To season, sprinkle some salt and pepper. Then, grill it over a hot fire for 2 to 3 minutes per side. This can go for a grand total of 12 minutes."

What do you want? What do you want here? Roasted or Steamed Corn? Take a pick

Most people just like their corn grilled with the husk on. As for me, I like it off. This way, the kernels tend to get roasted. The sugars get caramelized. That's what I like about the details given by Steve in his book. You can have steamed corn whenever you leave the husk on. On many occasions, I tend to steam my corn. When I don't have time to roast them, I tend to steam them in the microwave. My father has no use for these grilling techniques. He can eat his corn raw. He picks the best corn out and starts eating the kernels with all their juice.

The tradition of bonfire in the great American camp sites

If you are out on the beach or in a remote area in the mountains, you will undoubtedly have access to natural elements. I have participated in camp activities all over the state and many overseas countries. There's no greater feeling than that of gathering around a camp fire while your corn is being grilled in the embers. The husk can be removed if you want to roast it. Most of the times, you can just place in the embers with the husk on. The taste will be superb.

The enjoyment of the sweet corn starts right in the fields. The fresh scent that emanates from the purple, gold silk of a multitude of ears of corn is very special. It conjures memories of years past when as a kid I used to go to my grandparents' fields with them. All I did was to select the best ears of corn to eat.

A Grand Total of 425 recipes about various fish products, vegetable, fruits and ordinary food items

BBQ USA gives great information about how to prepare practically anything under the sun. If it can be grilled, you will find it in this book. I plan on using it from now on. I have already read quite a few recipes I would like to use in my cooking.

It's a very interesting book that will take your breath off thanks to its wide range of information it provides.

Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 4:58 PM
Updated: Saturday, 23 October 2004 6:31 AM
Sunday, 27 June 2004
Charbroil Big Easy Grill
Topic: Home/Garden

Call it a generational tradition we can't part with; call it a family routine. Whatever you come to call it, grilling in the United is the type of activities that most of us engage in on Memorial Day and throughout the Summer months. We grill everywhere. On the beach. On the deck. At the parks. At friends' houses. At church events. At car washes by the roads and streets. Ah! the memories of past backyard B-B-Q! The new generations of gas grills has made it easy for us to participate in this late Spring and Summer ritual. No other gas grill is easier to use than Char-Broil Big Easy 463841304 Grill. I found this out this past week and yesterday on a slew of cookout events I entered.

This is a great grill with nifty features. The side shelves are weather resistant and easy to clean. A few days ago, one of my kids wanted to learn how to barbecue and accidentally knocked of the seasoning bowls off. It was a huge mess. In a matter a seconds, with a mop, I cleaned the areas. With a few towels, I quickly turned the shelves after turning off the grill. That's the beauty of having a push button igniter. Easy to turn on and off! This grill is easy to wheel away. In my case, after cleaning, I wheeled the grill to another area of the backyard.

If you buy this grill, you'll have a one-year guarantee. You can also get a free tank depending on the sales season. What I found troubling with this grill is the fact that placed in wind path, the fire and heat generated can quickly burn your chicken and meat paddies. Consider yourself warned. It's better for you to stay away from the wind. As a measure of precaution, it is recommended to check the grill every so often.

Once you're done cleaning, make sure to close the liquid propane tank especially if children are around. The best thing to do is to purchase a cover for the grill. Out of sight, out of mind!

All in all, this is a fairly good grill which will bring happiness and lots of sharing around the table!

Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 5:09 AM
Updated: Sunday, 24 October 2004 8:41 AM

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