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Monday, 4 October 2004
Real Estate Appreciation Potential
Topic: Real_Estate/Properties

Inside U.S. Real Estate: Shopnowshop Wealth Realty Service

Good Schools Add Quick Value To Real Estate:
Can You Afford To Buy?

Do better schools mean higher property values? Or are high property values the signs indicating that all the socioeconomic conditions are met to have a high-scoring, well-known school district? Do regular homebuyers take the location of their next residence seriously enough when it comes to house appreciation? Don?O say this to the new house hunters who just want to find a home to shelter their family? What?? clear is that economics-how much money one makes-is one of the major determinants of whether his/her kids will be able to attend a great scoring school? Just say neighborhood school and you?Il realize why poor parents or middle-class parents who correlate the high property value to the high-scoring school district. It makes sense they want to send their kids to these schools whose students score high on national standard tests. Those who can afford the high prices of luxury, high-end homes won?O hesitate to do so because they want their kids to have the best education possible. In other words, they may not look only at private schools with a reputation of high performance, they?Il also look at public schools located in great neighborhoods or counties. House buyers are willing to pay top dollars for a great education. As always, in Real Estate, the location matters a lot.

It makes sense that developers as well as investors are looking for stable communities where their real estate properties can quick rise in value. Tell me which parents would not like their kids to the Clovis Unified School District? How about the Palo Alto, Emeryville school systems? In the Clovis case, good schools tend to attract new residents from the Bay Area, San Jose and San Francisco. They sell their high-valued residence and decide to come inland where they can afford mini-mansions with a lot of money left over for other home improvement projects, cars and trips. When you talk to most of them, they?Il tell you that the lure of the Clovis schools just zapped them and sealed their choice of relocation. In the Palo Alto case, the Silicon Valley boom brought on by highly educated men and women from all over the country and the world have long realized the value of a good education. So flushed with money and know-how, they set out to recreate or create a system that meets their kids?needs for the global market. A great sign of this focus is the number of cultures and languages these kids are learning in school. Nationally, the schools that located in these districts create value for property owners. Some of the things you may not see in such high-valued properties are large prisons, sewage treatment plants and other services or even undesirable groups of people unfortunately. Stupid, the economy is the new gatekeeper. Some upscale neighborhoods residents don?O even want to have mental health people living in a neighboring group home. In a current case pitting residents of a Hanford, CA group home against the city, neighbors complain and fear the loss of their housing appreciation. The Federal government and HUD are intervening in this case. In some other California communities, good people, decent church people are protesting the presence of group homes that may accept forensic clients. They don?O want them to drive the neighborhood down.

Two new services ( and are helping buyers and investors figure out the best places where they should put their money if they want to see appreciation. In this hot real estate market, who does not want to see appreciation of their investment? These Ohio-based services are telling us that a great school is a good predictor that your house value will go up. If the predictions and realities go well with the Clovis school system?? model, the big neighbor, Fresno Unified School district may not be in such a good position. There has been talk of possible take over by the state. Any state take over may be felt in the immediate depreciation of the Fresno homes.

It goes without saying that buyers will fight or pay even more to get the school district they want. They know they?Il get two things: Appreciation or good resale value and good schools for their children. School performance has become a major factor for many people moving into the Central Valley of California. Many of them have heard about Clovis schools as being superior to those in the surrounding districts. Others are barely discovering a gem in the Central Unified School District. They get more lots, room and amenities for their dollars when they choose to live in this district. The Central Unified District has also seen a surge of development according to the teachers at Central High East and West. The new students come from all over the state. I will never forget a new couple with a brand new baby in two. They got lost and flagged me to get some information about Clovis. They were from Oregon. The gentleman was a business leader who was considering relocating to the Central Valley. He had all the main information about Clovis, CA. He wanted to see the town before going back to Oregon. Word of mouth, perception, national media and economy are all the factors that are sending more and more residents to places with great schools. For those of us, Real Estate helpers, agents and connoisseurs who know about the various locations, we know where the true values reside. Shopnowshop Wealth Realty Service is in a position to point out the right livable community in which you?Il realize potential increases in house appreciation.

So far, we must admit that Clovis Unified schools have managed to give a good product. It's measured by the different tests its students take and pass without any trouble. This fact also means that the city of Clovis must try to attract more businesses that create jobs for all these residents. No wonder that the city has retained the services of a company to help bring national businesses to the Clovis area.

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  • Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 9:54 AM
    Updated: Monday, 30 May 2005 7:20 PM
    Time To Grill with Weber
    Topic: Home/Garden

    Here is the grill you need for your cooking

    There may not be any better venue to showcase the versatility, cooking power and prowess of this Weber Summit 650 Grill than at a Church cookout. In the hands of a super chef who takes great pride in his mission of feeding his fellow church members, this grill can possibly bring out the best of anybody who wants to prepare his/her family's meals. I never knew this well-built grill was around until my church buddy told me about it. For the sake of this review, I will call him Rob. Despite the fact he never pays too much attention to his material possessions, he always enjoys investing in equipment and cooking ware that will last. What else to expect from a hard-working young man who has been so successful in practically everything he touches? I have known him for many years now. Our friendship started in college when he was the center of attention because of his goofy apron and wild campout cooking parties on week-ends. We have managed to stay friends all these years. Adding a Weber Summit 650 Grill to his collection is no big deal at all.

    I had the opportunity to help him prepare 4th of July meals for a large congregation. Obviously, we had to have many other helpers with various types of barbecues. Almost everybody dropped by the Summit 650 grill to congratulate him. For Rob, that's all he needed to hear. And he did not hesitate to tell the story of the Weber grill which most of the attendees were familiar with. It was as if he wanted to tell them to drop whatever grill they had to buy a new one. Just like this one!

    On this unusual great weather for a 4th of July in California, elders, youth and children started mingling on the premises of the church. Almost each family brought some meals or pies for the potluck. From where our tent was erected, we could see the volleyball games. Some of the participants were just talking while their children were involved in throwing frisbee. What a great time to barbecue and engage in fellowship? The smoke coming out of the other barbecues was pushed our way by the light breeze. In the meantime, we were busy cooking chicken breasts, hot dogs, tri-tip and steak etc. Some of the other cooks were responsible for some specific ingredients. Everything was going well. For all the years, Weber grills have been around, the above story is just a glimpse of all the occasions they have been used. These grills have the power of creating beautiful backgrounds for families' get-together as well as company-wide and public events.

    Let's take a brief look at the history of Weber grills before concentrating on this specific model, the Summit 650 Grill

    Ah, who doesn't remember the various kinds of barbecues we grew up with? These are long-gone, smoke-filled memories, but for some reasons, we can all remember the various occasions a weber was used to prepare our meals. It was probably a graduation reception, a wedding, anniversary or just a family gathering for some birthday. For some, it was the holidays. Every Summer, Weber grills go from the storage rooms, garage or backyard to the swimming pools deck, driveways, patios and front yard. It's time to start grilling and tasting the delicious hamburgers with slices of red watermelon!

    Webers' grilling history

    The first Weber was manufactured in 1952 by George Stephen of suburban Chicago. It was called George's Barbecue. Stephen worked for the Weber Brothers Metal Works located in Palatine, ILL. That's where he cut a metal buoy in half, made a dome-shaped grill with a rounded lid. That's the precursor to the latest, upgraded Weber Summit 650 Grill. Then, Stephen started selling his Weber kettle in 1954. Then, the revolution was well on its way. It progressed so much that it practically reached everybody, all the consumers in America. This guy saw a need and decided to meet it.

    What about the Weber Summit 650 Grill? What are its features? What's great about them?

    First things first, it will allow you to cook your meals with lots of flair and ease. There is no doubt about it all. That's what I found out at the church cookout. The first thing you will like about this grill is all the space you have to put down your ingredients and condiments. The stainless steel work tables are very convenient in that you won't have to worry about placing your cooked or uncooked food away from you. If you don't have the luxury of having a table nearby, these work tables will fill the void. Depending on the amount of foods you are preparing, you will probably use the condiment baskets. Furthermore, you will be attracted to the 6 individually adjustable heavy-duty stainless steel burners. It's my personal impression that this grill will be used more than the home stove. It makes outdoor cooking more affordable and pleasurable. Just give the house a break from the mixture of aromas or smells that can get trapped indoors.

    You will also be noticing other features such as the crossover ignition system and optional 14,000 BTU side burner, the stainless steel welded-rod cooking grate, warming rack and smoker attachment. If you have to cook a lot, you will make great use of the warming rack. The last thing you want to do is to serve cold food to your guests or family members.

    This grill takes care of the perennial cooking problems: When is the food done?

    The thermometer measures the temperature and checks whether your food is done or not. More than anything, you feel great cooking on such a grill.

    Where can you use this Weber Summit 650 Grill?

    What can you cook on this grill? Anything and everything.

    Practically all over. As I previously mentioned, just take it to the graduation, birthday, holidays, wedding, anniversary, work site event, church potluck, on the bank of the lake, back and front porches, driveways, garage etc. For that matter, you can just take it anywhere. Just load it up on the back of your truck and head out for the meet!

    Fuel source: Gas

    Good luck grilling this Summer season!

    Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 9:18 AM
    Updated: Monday, 30 May 2005 7:45 PM
    Inside U.S. Real Estate: Real Estate InnovaTech
    Topic: Real_Estate/Properties

    Shopnowshop Real Estate News
    Inside U.S. Real Estate: Real Estate InnovaTech

    U.S. Wealth Creation Through Properties Ownership & Wise Investments

    Let the good times roll! Let them roll until every single homebuyer finds the house he/she is looking for. There is no doubt that the interest rates are at a 30-year low. They are under 6%. Even though we are close to the last trimester of the year, we still see there is a huge demand for new homes on the market. Buyers still outnumber sellers. Some industry insiders are saying that there is a huge fever which continues to push up prices from San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Inland County, Bel-Air, San Fernando, Orange County to Venice Beach, Santa Maria, Santa Monica and National City. Imagine, for an instant, that the same buying frenzy is going all over the United States, from Florida to Massachussets, Georgia, Atlanta to Washington, D.C. New homes can not quickly enough on the market. This scarcity in the supply and demand causes buyers to participate in multiple offers on every property that becomes available. In some regions of California, developers and home buyers even have to resort to a lottery tactic. After receiving the buyer's downpayment, they can also afford to take as long as they want before having the drawing which is often attended by well-heeled equity refugees from San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Fremont, Vallejo, Orange county and outside the state of California.

    Glamorise Bra Sale

    The question that is on the mind of most industry observers and insiders is the following: "Will real estate prices continue to generally appreciate? No one knows. Aren't there forces that could push up interest rates and dampen home values? Absolutely -- look at the federal deficit and the long-term impact of our trade imbalance as two examples. Isn't there a downside to leverage? You bet. The same leverage which is so valuable when prices rise is equally powerful if prices fall."

    More and more buyers are looking for safety, good location with great schools for their children, a fair price, affordability and cost-effectiveness, and high resale potential are the five primary areas of buyer concern. Shopnowshop Real Estate Info helps buyers and sellers reach their dreams in many ways. One way is that we do this is to create an information service that brings the top real estate companies, mortgage agencies under one umbrella. Shopnowshop Real Estate Info helps you research buying activity and comparable values of recently sold homes. It is not surprising that in some areas buyers have to make a much larger offer than the asking price just to have a chance at being in the drawing. When parents start camping all night long in front of a new Kindergarten school to make sure their kids get enrolled, you know what type of location you have for real estate. That's what has been happing in many market areas of California.

    This is truly a seller's market. As a buyer in this sellers' market, you really need info from an unbiased source you can trust to be on your side. Shopnowshop Real Estate Info expects this sellers' market to continue until interest rates are considerabley higher, or until prices reach a level that forces enough buyers out of the market to eliminate them competing against each other.

    Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 9:17 AM
    Updated: Monday, 30 May 2005 7:19 PM
    Friday, 1 October 2004
    Shopnowshop Real Estate News: Wealth Creation Through Real Estate
    Mood:  cool
    Topic: Real_Estate/Properties

    Shopnowshop Real Estate News:
    Inside U.S. Real Estate: Real Estate InnovaTech

    U.S. Wealth Creation Through Properties Ownership & Wise Investments

    Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 8:30 PM
    Updated: Monday, 30 May 2005 7:53 PM
    Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf Hotel
    Mood:  celebratory
    Topic: USA/World_Trips

    Leave everything behind and get away for a week-end in San Francisco. That's what my wife and I did a few months ago. We were fortunate enough to have our in-laws volunteering to stay with our kids. I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the proximity of the hotel to the activities on the wharf. It's truly located at walking distance. My wife and I managed to negotiate a good price for two nights at the hotel. Paying a little bit above $230.00 was not bad at all. That's if we could really spend the second night there.

    Early that Friday morning, we leisurely got on the road to San Francisco. At least, once for all, we did not have the little ones in the back of the car. It was the two of us. We had time to do the small talk and appreciate the drive. After stopping in Modesto to visit with a family member, we stopped to fill up the car. Prices were barely coming down. We did not have to worry about our Honda. Since it was a Friday morning, traffic on the reputedly congested freeway was not bad. We got to the Bay Bridge at about 12 pm. By 12:30 PM, we were already in the lobby of the hotel surrounded by a diverse and international group of tourists. As soon as we got to the front of the hotel, the valet came up and got the keys to our car. We unloaded the trunks and watched our car disappear. We did not need it at all. From walking to taking the tramway and other transportation systems in San Francisco, we did not have to drive in town. We talked to various couples who brought their children. They said that's one of the things they like the most about the place.

    What about the reception at Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf?

    To tell you the truth, I had nothing to reproach them. They were professional and blameless. That's before we entered our room though. We had explicitly requested a King size bed. We found two small beds in the room. Everything was so compact in there. But don't feel discouraged about your reservations. The hotel offers so many amenities. The designers and hotel managers have long figured out that tourists only use the room to sleep. That's why they provide the swimming pool, huge and long lobby area and the bar grill restaurant. After all, they know that people come to San Francisco to explore the city, not to hold up, bunch up in a room. Who would want to forego the beauty of the great San Francisco outdoors for a big room especially if the kids are not around?

    What else to say about the Sheraton Fishermans Wharf?

    FoodIn the comfort of your room, you can order room service. We decided against it because we did not want the room to smell food. So we decided to have buffet breakfast. The food articles were plentiful. The chefs and foodservice people were very helpful too. They were more than willing to answer our questions. They promptly refilled the missing items to the delight all all the tourists. The restaurant atmosphere is very gay. It's probably due to the effects of the right lighting.

    Lobby area: The lobby area is like the Grand Central station. We were somewhat surprised that there were so many people who want to stay at this hotel. But there again, we are talking about San Francisco's prime real estate, a hotel close to the Fisherman's Wharf. The furniture and magazines are kept very neat. Right around the corner from the Car rental company are two desks for employees providing information on various shows and conferences that are scheduled in town. If you feel like reading something else or buying some souvenir for your family and friends, you can do so at the hotel boutique. Just be warned that you will have to pay exhorbitant price for the items. It would be better to purchase it in one of these sidewalk businesses.

    Weatherwise: You also have to take this in consideration. If you are planning on getting out of the hotel, then you may want to have a wind breaker to say the least. When we were there, even though back home the temperature was nearing 100 degrees, we had to purchase two sweaters. It was cold. It's a combination of the sea breeze and the temperate climate of San Francisco that will get you as you go about your business there.

    The Swimming Pool: After getting back from the streets, you can always go to the pool to cool off. Its location contributes to your privacy. But then again, you are at the pool. Unlike many other hotels we stayed at, the placement of the pool is a little bit out of the way. The prying eyes of the public won't bother you.

    Final thoughts The phone calls started coming. The kids did not want to go to bed. Everybody was tired back home. We realized it was a better idea to just pack up and return home. We drove most of the night to reach home by 2 am. One of the kids was still awake. We just hope you can spend the whole time at the hotel.

    Don't forget to tip the valet. Just go to the lobby and inform them that you are about to leave. In a matter of minutes, your car will be parked in the front.

    Enjoy your getaway to San Francisco.

    California: a Breath of Fresh Air is the new book by this author. Find it at

    Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 8:24 PM
    Updated: Saturday, 23 October 2004 6:29 AM

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