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Monday, 4 October 2004
Real Estate Appreciation Potential
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Good Schools Add Quick Value To Real Estate:
Can You Afford To Buy?

Do better schools mean higher property values? Or are high property values the signs indicating that all the socioeconomic conditions are met to have a high-scoring, well-known school district? Do regular homebuyers take the location of their next residence seriously enough when it comes to house appreciation? Don?O say this to the new house hunters who just want to find a home to shelter their family? What?? clear is that economics-how much money one makes-is one of the major determinants of whether his/her kids will be able to attend a great scoring school? Just say neighborhood school and you?Il realize why poor parents or middle-class parents who correlate the high property value to the high-scoring school district. It makes sense they want to send their kids to these schools whose students score high on national standard tests. Those who can afford the high prices of luxury, high-end homes won?O hesitate to do so because they want their kids to have the best education possible. In other words, they may not look only at private schools with a reputation of high performance, they?Il also look at public schools located in great neighborhoods or counties. House buyers are willing to pay top dollars for a great education. As always, in Real Estate, the location matters a lot.

It makes sense that developers as well as investors are looking for stable communities where their real estate properties can quick rise in value. Tell me which parents would not like their kids to the Clovis Unified School District? How about the Palo Alto, Emeryville school systems? In the Clovis case, good schools tend to attract new residents from the Bay Area, San Jose and San Francisco. They sell their high-valued residence and decide to come inland where they can afford mini-mansions with a lot of money left over for other home improvement projects, cars and trips. When you talk to most of them, they?Il tell you that the lure of the Clovis schools just zapped them and sealed their choice of relocation. In the Palo Alto case, the Silicon Valley boom brought on by highly educated men and women from all over the country and the world have long realized the value of a good education. So flushed with money and know-how, they set out to recreate or create a system that meets their kids?needs for the global market. A great sign of this focus is the number of cultures and languages these kids are learning in school. Nationally, the schools that located in these districts create value for property owners. Some of the things you may not see in such high-valued properties are large prisons, sewage treatment plants and other services or even undesirable groups of people unfortunately. Stupid, the economy is the new gatekeeper. Some upscale neighborhoods residents don?O even want to have mental health people living in a neighboring group home. In a current case pitting residents of a Hanford, CA group home against the city, neighbors complain and fear the loss of their housing appreciation. The Federal government and HUD are intervening in this case. In some other California communities, good people, decent church people are protesting the presence of group homes that may accept forensic clients. They don?O want them to drive the neighborhood down.

Two new services ( and are helping buyers and investors figure out the best places where they should put their money if they want to see appreciation. In this hot real estate market, who does not want to see appreciation of their investment? These Ohio-based services are telling us that a great school is a good predictor that your house value will go up. If the predictions and realities go well with the Clovis school system?? model, the big neighbor, Fresno Unified School district may not be in such a good position. There has been talk of possible take over by the state. Any state take over may be felt in the immediate depreciation of the Fresno homes.

It goes without saying that buyers will fight or pay even more to get the school district they want. They know they?Il get two things: Appreciation or good resale value and good schools for their children. School performance has become a major factor for many people moving into the Central Valley of California. Many of them have heard about Clovis schools as being superior to those in the surrounding districts. Others are barely discovering a gem in the Central Unified School District. They get more lots, room and amenities for their dollars when they choose to live in this district. The Central Unified District has also seen a surge of development according to the teachers at Central High East and West. The new students come from all over the state. I will never forget a new couple with a brand new baby in two. They got lost and flagged me to get some information about Clovis. They were from Oregon. The gentleman was a business leader who was considering relocating to the Central Valley. He had all the main information about Clovis, CA. He wanted to see the town before going back to Oregon. Word of mouth, perception, national media and economy are all the factors that are sending more and more residents to places with great schools. For those of us, Real Estate helpers, agents and connoisseurs who know about the various locations, we know where the true values reside. Shopnowshop Wealth Realty Service is in a position to point out the right livable community in which you?Il realize potential increases in house appreciation.

So far, we must admit that Clovis Unified schools have managed to give a good product. It's measured by the different tests its students take and pass without any trouble. This fact also means that the city of Clovis must try to attract more businesses that create jobs for all these residents. No wonder that the city has retained the services of a company to help bring national businesses to the Clovis area.

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