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Wednesday, 29 September 2004
Huyndai Tiburon: Hyundai is Challenging Ford, Nissan, Toyota & Honda
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With the all-new 2003 sports coupe, many observers and picky car enthusiasts and industry insiders have quietly admitted that Hyundai has arrived. The 2003 Hyundai Tiburon is a trendsetter when it comes to what types of features and value competitive automakers should bundle their cars. If any group benefits from the largesse and somewhat legendary story of the Korean automaker, it's you and me, the consumers. Also, Hyundai engineers and designers have seem to have learned from their mistakes. We spoke to them with our feet and our pockets. The first cars they rolled out in the American marketplace were not even worth the metal sheets, screws and bolts that went into their construction. So, we did not buy its earlier offerings. It's a whole new ball game now. Any serious, value-oriented car consumer can't stay away from the new, innovative designs this company has been featuring in auto showrooms and dealerships all over North America.

2003 Tiburon Coupe is sure to catch the attention of serious car owners who want performance, great looks, value, and style

Just include the names of the young men and women who can rely on its power to get a head start!

Introduced in 1997, the Tiburon brand has seen great days. What's clear is that the automaker has not been tired of improving and enhancing the brand image. It appears that each new model seems to accentuate some major areas of strength and performance in the vehicle. This year's model seems to build on the past experience of all its models. In fact, it borrows the strong, smooth, all-aluminum, dohc, 2.7-liter V6 from the Huyndai Sonata and the well-known style of the Hyundai Santa Fe SUV. It makes great sense that some observers and analysts dub it, "a pocket rocket." I remain impressed by its sheer vitality, performance on the road and aggressiveness. I could not pass the chance to test-drive the GT V6. I had a great ride. It handled superbly and relied on its features of both front and rear independent suspension. The MacPherson struts are used with offset coil springs, gas-filled hydraulic shock absorbers and an anti-roll bar mounted right to the strut to negotiate the curves better. The owners of the 2003 Tiburon who are mostly performance enthusiasts can rely on the other set of rear suspension to have a great drivability. The Tiburon also featured a strut-type multilink rear suspension, gas-filled hyrdaulic shock absorbers and anti-roll bar. All of this can be summarized as the following: Once you get behind the wheels of this car, you will have a very great driving experience. I enjoyed the fact that I heard to vibration. Hyundai engineers and designers have managed to block that cumbersome noise from under the hood.

Bold design, style, performance and affordable price are all the reasons car buyers are snapping the 2003 Tiburon

Built in Korea, the Hyundai Tiburon two-door is offered in base or the Tiburon and the Tiburon GT V6 models. That's why the prices range from $15,999 to under 20K. If anything, the Tiburon coupe is turning up the heat on other automakers in the below $20,000 coupe segment. Toyota, Honda, GM, Ford and others will have to take lessons whether they want it or not. We consumers want all the great features that a vehicle can come equipped with for much less. While the earlier version of the Tiburon was based on the Elantra, the 2003 Tiburon has a new, stiffer and refined chassis. It was made not only to look good, but also to offer security to the occupants of the car. The new chassis is dubbed the GK.

How is the interior of the car?

In terms of legroom, headroom and hiproom, the Tiburon offers lots of space. I had great visibility which allows me to enjoy the ride very well. The spacious, ergonomic cockpit made provided me with lots of comfort. I did not have to worry about side impacts because the Tiburon offers front and passenger front and high-strength steel side impact airbags. To a large extent, the interior of the Tiburon resembles that of the Honda Accord. This is a giant step for Hyundai to be able to put out a vehicle that, taken costs into account, surpasses any Honda coupe. For under 20K, the Tiburon offers leather seats and leather-clad steering wheel. Leather seating is standard on the GT V6.

What are some of the features that exist on the GT V6?

Many of features that are standard on the Tiburon are not on other sport coupes. They don't even have some of them as options. For example, you will find the basic standard such as air conditioning, keyless remote entry system, cruise control, fog lamps, power windows and door locks, four-wheel disc brakes, P205/55-16 Michelin tires mounted on 16 by 6.5-inch alloy wheels. It also offers all the equipments found on the Tiburon plus others such as a better Infinity stereo for great entertainment, shift knob, rear spoiler etc.

Warranty: Who can turn down the Hyundai Advantage? It's, by far, the best warranty anybody can get out there. It gives you 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain protection and five-year/60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper coverage. If you are really interested in buying the Tiburon, you will benefit from the 24-hour roadside assistance at no extra charge for five full years. There is no mileage limit. There are also some freebies.

The Tiburon is a great coupe that any car lovers will appreciate. In addition, it's affordable and bundled with great features that many other car makers would make you pay steep prices for.

Go with Huyndai, go with the 2003 Tiburon coupe!

Updated on 6-27-2003

Long gone are the days when car buyers were worried about buying a Huyndai vehicle. So long gone are also the times when some consumers would rather purchase a good used car from one of the higher-end vehicles instead of purchasing a Huyndai. Others had two choices: purchase a brand new Hyundai vehicle or a used Huyndai. Huyndai Motor America has been on a long campaign to change the face of the company. Poised to be the leader in the entry-level market, consumers, encouraged by gains of quality and less flaws in the Huyndai brand, start showing interest. [Please read about Santa Fe SUV]. All this turnaround has been made possible under the aegis and discipline of Finbarr O'Neill. He can start seeing the signs of the company's success by taking a look at the group of consumers who are most likely to buy the six-speed sports transmission, V-6 engine 2003 Tiburon. Loaded with enough power to hit 180 horses, this is a car that will gain consumers' confidence in the company.

At a recent high school graduation, when most of us were driving vehicles of the Japanese car industry, I could clearly see a lot of young people arriving in their Tiburon, equipped with 17-inch wheels. Some of my closest friends commented, "For sure, this company is now turning heads on the road." They are the same young kids whose pals drive a tricked, retrofit Acura RSX or Honda Civic. When we saw some females driving down the freeway in their Tiburon, we quickly realized that the car was a 'hot.' Hyundai is now reeking the benefits of their quality-based programs launched since the 1990s. They have long gone from the phase of just giving a car, a reliable car to the consumer, Huyndai wants its potential car buyers to feel inspired by the wide range of products it has put on the market. From the entry-level Accent, Elantra to the [Santa Fe], Hyundai wants to give the consumer a great driving experience.

What needed to be done: Dispel the fear; Get consumers to trust the vehicles

Under O'Neill, Hyundai Motor America decides to provide satisfaction to the customers. If they are happy with the products they offer, then they are in business. The way they have done this is to offer a very strategic marketing campaign that automatically removes any fear that a Huyndai buyer might have. The launching of a 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty on all Hyundais became the catalyst and launching pad of the success and recognition that Hyundai vehicles are now enjoying in the regular consumers' mind. With the advent of the Santa Fe and Tiburon, it has now become hip to be seen driving a Huyndai. The fear of having to deal with a broken-down vehicle every mile on the freeway is long gone. At the same time, Huyndai Motor America had to convince the South Korean executives that improving the overall quality of the vehicles was necessary. In a sense, they had gotten the messages that became overt and well-known. From disgruntled users and comedians, the jokes about the unreliability of the Hyundai got to the ears of the North American branch. They wanted to do something about it. They wanted to change the car. They wanted to bring the consumers back to the auto-rooms. This time, they did with "America's Best Warranty", 6 years of bumper to bumper coverage and 10 years of coverage on the cr's engine and transmission. According to the J.D. Power quality study in 1999, Hyundai averaged 229 flaws per 100 vehicles. The company has improved to 143 flaws pwer 100 vehicles as compared with an industry average of 133. Once the brand's problems and image issues were corrected, it was time to focus on something else: fashion. The brand was ready to go from mere function to outstanding fashion. In fact, the 2003 Tiburon shows what the Huyndai company can do in terms of competing on the market.

Facing the competition without any fear:

The Japenese have long been reigning as the kings of the entry-level, mid-sedan s. Toyota and Honda, whichever order they come, are fierce competitors that are very territorial of their gains in the North American market. We should say that they have worked to be where they are at for many years. It's a long time coming for them.

The South Korea's largest automaker is ready to enjoy a place in the hearts and minds of most Noth American consumers. Style, refinement, quality, value packages and customer satisfaction are all the areas of interest for Hyundai. They want to accentuate things. This way, we, consumers, won't find it hard to choose between a Nissan Altima, Honda Accord, Subaru Forrestier, Chevrolet Impala, Toyota Avalon, Toyota Camry and a Sonata. Let it be known that thanks to the comparatively cheap labor (cars are manufactured in South Korea), the consumers will come out on top. That's something that anybody who is out there on the car market needs to keep in mind. In terms of value, Hyundai is not worried about putting a lot of features in its cars. Its current success stories are the Santa Fe and Tiburon. These vehicles sport a trendier design, leather seats and side air bags. It all depends on the options you want and what you are willing to pay.

Safety and consumer satisfaction are two of the great points of the Hyundai Motor America.

Would you like to save and be worry-free when it comes to maintenance?

Try a Hyundai vehicle. After test-driving the Santa Fe, Tiburon and Sonata, I can attest to the improvements that this company has brought on.

The bottom line is that you will end up saving money.

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