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Wednesday, 29 September 2004
B-B-Que USA: Grilling Tips
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Topic: Home/Garden

If hot dogs, sodas, ice cream and sandwiches are well-known foods and beverages found in the American culinary landscape, Summer grilling and feasting on traditional, time-proven meals are synonymous with a good time. In my mind, there is no Summer without back yard BBQ, not far away from the swimming. Barbecuing the right food items is a very important element in the Summer decor. Grilling tuna steak or any other type of fish, preparing kebabs and preparing corn on the cob are truly important parts of the Summer meals. When my wife bought this book last May, I did not care about opening it until I started hanging out more around the pool. There is something very peculiar about tasting chlorine and knowing that this taste can be erased with the piece of fruits and barbecued food items located right on the deck.

BBQ USA by Steve Raichlen is the right Summer Book to get your barbecue season started

Each time I drive into the countryside, I get to see huge, vast green fields of corn. I just can't wait to buy some firm, full ears to grill at home. In fact, buying ears of corn is one of the pleasures of Summer that most people in this country and particularly this state enjoy. With year-round great outdoors weather, we tend to take advantage of what nature has to offer. So grilling becomes second nature to us. Steve wants to share his secret recipe with us. "Strip the husk back like you'd peel a banana, tying it below the corn to form a sort of handle. Then splash some light olive oil on it. You can also use melted butter. To season, sprinkle some salt and pepper. Then, grill it over a hot fire for 2 to 3 minutes per side. This can go for a grand total of 12 minutes."

What do you want? What do you want here? Roasted or Steamed Corn? Take a pick

Most people just like their corn grilled with the husk on. As for me, I like it off. This way, the kernels tend to get roasted. The sugars get caramelized. That's what I like about the details given by Steve in his book. You can have steamed corn whenever you leave the husk on. On many occasions, I tend to steam my corn. When I don't have time to roast them, I tend to steam them in the microwave. My father has no use for these grilling techniques. He can eat his corn raw. He picks the best corn out and starts eating the kernels with all their juice.

The tradition of bonfire in the great American camp sites

If you are out on the beach or in a remote area in the mountains, you will undoubtedly have access to natural elements. I have participated in camp activities all over the state and many overseas countries. There's no greater feeling than that of gathering around a camp fire while your corn is being grilled in the embers. The husk can be removed if you want to roast it. Most of the times, you can just place in the embers with the husk on. The taste will be superb.

The enjoyment of the sweet corn starts right in the fields. The fresh scent that emanates from the purple, gold silk of a multitude of ears of corn is very special. It conjures memories of years past when as a kid I used to go to my grandparents' fields with them. All I did was to select the best ears of corn to eat.

A Grand Total of 425 recipes about various fish products, vegetable, fruits and ordinary food items

BBQ USA gives great information about how to prepare practically anything under the sun. If it can be grilled, you will find it in this book. I plan on using it from now on. I have already read quite a few recipes I would like to use in my cooking.

It's a very interesting book that will take your breath off thanks to its wide range of information it provides.

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Updated: Saturday, 23 October 2004 6:31 AM

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