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Wednesday, 29 September 2004
The Power of Prayer
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Prayer, faith and healing. By faith but not by sight.

Prayer and medicine save many people's lives. They once saved mine. That's why I am a true believer in the combined power of these practices. That's one of the reasons I was attracted to the cover of this book at my local Christian bookstore. I wanted to go beyond the cover. What I found inside ended up pinning me to a chair for a good two hours among various cups of mocha. I have learned the hidden power of these words told years ago, "If ye shall ask anything in my name, that will I do." John 14:14

Written by Larry Dossey, Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine is one of these books that most people should read. He adds that medical schools across the nation now teach students to treat whole patients, their bodies and their souls. The question to ask is whether prayers can heal. Just think for an instant about the power of words, just negative words to inflict pain and wound others. Now apply that same energy to say a prayer for others. In this book, I found out that those who pray for others tend to have their own prayers answered.

Oh,how beautiful it is to pray and pray for others: Pray to heal thyself!

My parents pray for me everyday. Prayers can relieve stress

Is the feeling or the knowledge that someone somewhere cares about you? The very act of praying has a calming effect. Whether you are saying the rosary in the case of catholics, prayer-rocking in the case of the Jews or dancing to the rythm of drum-based rich music in the case of aborigenes, Native Americans, Sharmanism, Voodoo, Santeria, Candomble etc, and breathing "om" in the case of the buddhists, you will be reaping the benefits. Research has shown that prayer can cure certain stress-related ailments. Pray to heal thyself. Prayers reduce blood pressure, lower the heart rate and give you a feeling of well-being. Just think for a moment of the effect of The Spirituals on the slaves of the New World during the slavery era and various succeeding movements?

As I was reading this book, I could not help but thinking about the story of a young man who was suffering from leukemia. As his mother was telling me the story, she could not stop crying and showing me the true power of prayers. When all the attending physicians told her to contact other family members because there was no more chance for her son, she did not listen to them. She cried out to God asking for a miracle. She prayed for a sign. Then, tired of staying up with the son the whole night, she fell asleep. She woke up about 1 hour later and felt hungry. She left the hospital to buy some food at a nearby restaurant. While she was there, she called her husband to inform him that their son was going to be fine. In her sleep, she had received the sign she wanted. She saw that God laid his hands on her son and healed. When she returned to the hospital, her son was sitting up in bed eating and drinking. In two months, that was the first time he ever did anything like that!

Just experience the healing powers of prayer to feel empowered. Find purpose and meaning in your life. Pray! Whether you get on your knees, whether you rock or walk around, whether you close your eyes and postrate in front of something, whether you meditate, experience the power of healing. That's what I found out when I fell sick with Valley Fever which I caught while in college. Thanks to prayer and good medicine, I beat the odds. Another student from Japan died from the complications of the same airborne, soil-based disease two years earlier.

A few instances of miraculous prayers

The prayer of Jabez

Jesus prayed and bread and fish multiplied

Isaac prayed to the Lord on behalf of his wife. She bore him a son

King David prayed and God gave him wisdom to render justice in the case of two mother etc

If you want to tap into that secret weapon, start praying today. Buy a copy of Healing Words to get started.

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