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Friday, 24 September 2004
The Atkins and South Beach Effects on Junk Foods
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South Beach and Atkins Dump on Twinkies

Which other companies are next to file for bankruptcy? Interstate Bakeries Corporation is the maker of lunchbox stables wonder Bread and Twinkies. The corporation has been going through a lot of hardship since U.S. consumers have been informed and aware of the consequences of a diet rich in low-protein and high carb. By filing chapter 11, the company hopes to restructure and continue to make more of those twinkies and breads. As long as the high-protein, low-carb diets are popular, Interstate Bakeries may not stand a chance.

Is it time that companies that create junk food come to the judgement table? Many of these companies did not realize what they were putting into the body of their favorite consumers. They were getting them so fat that they die of clogged arteries and other diseases. Twinkies, who is going to regret them? Now these companies are taking a second look at their line of products because their bottom line is suffering. A dark hole is being dug in the books. The comapny said it's going to continue to operate its bakeries, stores and distribution centers. Now if they change to a constant line of products that promotes health over profit, they'll see the profits. It's unfortunate that many of the employers who labored for many years may go without a job if there's a layoff.

Are the beverage companies going to go the Twinkies maker's way? Insterstate Bakeries suffers because more and more Americans are tired of the obesity epidemic. Too many fat kids are eating and drinking to . Too many calories in these "Big gulp" drinks. Too many large containers and French Fries are around. It's time for a return to home-cooked meals. It's time to eat simple and organic. It may be time we care about what goes inside our bodies. We tend to care more about what we wear, drive than what goes into our belly. U.S. consumers, scared by South Beach and Atkins are indicating their priority with their wallet. They are saying, "let's take a break with Twinkies and Wonder Breads." Insterstate Bakeries shareholders are seeing the values of their stock go down. It's an eye opener for all businesses.

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Updated: Wednesday, 25 January 2006 8:51 PM

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