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Sunday, 11 July 2004
Harvest Season in Central California & Congratulations To Soon-to-be Daddy, Chris
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Food_Fruit_Fitness

Never a dull moment: A full week-end of activities!

You can do it alone! Congratulations!


Once the chile is ready, I had to transport it to the baby shower site. I could not find the Historical Museum in Kingsburg, CA without assistance. The heat reminded me that we are in July. Most of us were baking and sweating profusely. Yet, a good friend will stand with you when you have to barbeque. Thanks to Dan for manning this huge grill. I had errands to run. I had to check the fruit harvest between Reedley and Kingsburg. I could not bear it. It was hot. Who can resist great peaches and nectarines!

We are deep into this year's harvest. Fruit pickers are in a hurry to get home. The heat is beating them among these green and loaded stone fruit trees. The grapes are being harvested too. I had to get home. A tired guest needed to rest. I had to clean up before he arrived. Our farmer friend surprised us with some juicy nectarines and other varieties. Our guest and the farmer had a bowl of menudo for lunch.

Let's give some credits to Kat: she prepared the chile and menudo. Everybody loves them. Great job!

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