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Monday, 29 November 2004 Sony Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Digital8 High8 and MiniDV
Mood:  lucky
Topic: D8_Hi8_MiniDV/HandyCam

There is no doubt that Sony has come to symbolize versatility, high-end consumer products, reliability and a touch of luxury in the fields of digital cameras, camcorders, photogray and moviemaking. What's clear about Sony is that its products stand for high quality and technological advances. It appears that Sony ingenieurs, designers and marketers have not been sleeping on the wheels. Through their R&D, they try to find out and anticipate what the regular consumer will want. Based on the following products, one can reasonably say that this company is on the right tracks with its large variety of products.

Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 4:33 PM
Updated: Thursday, 17 November 2005 5:02 AM

Tuesday, 29 June 2004 - 9:49 PM

Name: Nelson Blispa

I agree with your review of Sony products. I have only bought Sony products. I have been very happy with them so far. They are a bit expensive but they are worth the money. The only problem is that I can't seem to keep up with all the new things they are puting out.

Great job! Keep writing to help us!

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