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Monday, 5 July 2004
4.1 MP Sony Cyber Shop Digital Camera
Topic: DigiCams/Memory_Stick
What To Remember About The DSC-P41: It starts fast, takes less time between shots, less lag between pressing the shutter button and the picture taking and Real Imaging Processor etc.

Once again, Sony has come to define point-and-shoot digital photography with the 4.1 Cyber-shot Camera. Packed with neat little features, it has been the favorite of a large group of users. From casual enthusiasts to passionate or serious photographers, the ease with which this camera comes helps make it a top present.

The new Sony Cyber-Shot camera is all you need to stay in touch with your family members scattered upon the surface of the earth. With the push and pull factors that cause a lot of families to relocate to various corners of the continental United States, it becomes important to stay in touch with the loved ones. Besides the traditional phone call, an e-mail and pictures of the things that matter to the family members are the next best thing. What I like about this camera is its portability. It's easy to carry around. It captures great shots which will surprise your picture viewers. All you need to do is to set your mode, choose your target, point and shoot. I have been quite satisfied with the photo outputs. The shutter lag is very negligible. I found this camera to be at the same level of a normal film camera when it comes to the speed with which you can shoot.

The Cyber shot comes equipped with 3.6X smart digital zoom and 1.5" color LCD. It also captures video with audio in MPEG movie mode. Now depending on the amount of memory you have, you can shoot several video clips which you can send to colleagues, friends, family members and businesses. A friend of mine who is an investigator always carries this camera. It greatly simplifies his work. Another friend who is an auto appraiser uses the features of this camera to prepare his estimates. He works with insurance companies and individuals who were involved in accidents. Depending on what you want to do, you can use this little cute camera to take digital stills or shoot movie or video clips. This is where it becomes crucial that you upgrade your memory. Anything lower than 32 MB will cause you to be frustrated over the lack of memory. Imagine you are about to shoot a great picture when the sound and message pop up on the screen. You can always make do by downloading to your computer, but on these occasions, you are hardly close to any place where you can have access to your computer.

Reasonable Price

For a little bit over $200.00. you can own a nice camera. With 4.1 MP, that's way above what you need to take and send out pictures of your pets, kids, garden, local band and merchandise. If you are participating in an online auction, you'll need to master the art of digital photography wit this camera.

Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 6:57 PM
Updated: Tuesday, 16 November 2004 5:03 PM

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