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Monday, 26 June 2006
Find Tutoring and Translating Services from LiveTutorOnline University
Topic: Kids/Family

More and more parents are tapping into a new kind of resources for their kids. They are turning to e-tutoring, online tutoring or Internet tutoring. They do not mind about the eye-to-eye contact that their children miss. In the comfort of their homes, they can access their highly educated teachers or tutors through the use of their computer, a headset and a microphone. They see online tutoring as a way to get high-quality instruction at a lower cost. That is exactly the types of services that Live Tutor Online University has been offering. Just like other tutoring companies such as Fremont-based Growing Stars, Chicago-based Mindspring online education firm, New York-based Brainfuse, students can come from anywhere in the United States and the world. LiveTutorOnline University has been offering its services to individuals as well as businesses in the areas of tutoring, translating, interpreting and referrals to interpreters and translators of other foreign languages.

With the No Child Left Behind law, good tutoring and good public schools should be available to every student, regardless of the family's income. This is where LiveTutorOnline University becomes handy. According to its founder, the company hires or refers clients (grade students, college and/or university students and businesses) to expert tutors and teachers with Bachelor's degrees and Master's degrees. Each one of them has an expertise in a special category and specially hard science such as Math and Science. They also help translate and interpret. For sure, lack of face-to-face instruction is not a problem any longer. Live tutors from Livetutoronline University offer an invaluable service to parents who work two jobs and have no way of helping their kids complete their homework. They also help students who want to edit their work. They are very flexible.

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