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Thursday, 1 December 2005
Samsung Surpasses Sony: Korean Giant Beats Japanese Giant at Own Game
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Nothing lasts for ever. For sure, in the world of high tech, superiority is expressed in terms of the intensity and range of your R&D, the speed at which you decide and your company's strategy, leadership and visions. It just so happens that Samsung had all of them. These qualities helped it take on Sony which has been dragging and feeling overweighted by all the non-hit businesses it participates in.

Now we can understand why Sony had to enter a joint venture with Samsung to get its share of liquid crystal displays. It has been reported that Sony only has a small presence in the 50-50 joint venture aptly called S-LCD Corp. There is no doubt that Sony has come to be dependent on Samsung for its supply of LCD. Now this is a giant feat by this Korean firm that was founded only in 1969. Sony has been around since 1948. For the longest time, it has been seen as the barometer of high quality electronics. Sony has built its reputation with Walkman portable players and PlayStation video-game machines. But it did not foresee the importance of LCD-mounted flat panel TV sets and products. It has been a costly miscalculation for the Sony corporation. Now they have to play second fiddle. Sony also takes second seat to Apple's iPod music players. Samsung is making its power known in the tech sector. It supplies Apple Computer Inc with memory chips. What's clear is that Samsung has increased while Sony is shrinking in value.

Samsung dominates key, hit electronics sectors which make it no. 1 in global makret share in memory chips. Samsung's strategy also bore results in the cell phone market. It only comes after Nokia and Motorola. By itself, Samsung has already surpassed Japanese tech. It remains to be seen what the strategic thinking will bring forth to the market.

By the way, Samsung has just brought its new digital camera, digicam 800.

Shopping Samsung Digital Cameras and others

Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 12:01 AM PST
Updated: Saturday, 3 December 2005 10:41 PM PST

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