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Monday, 26 June 2006
Good Fortune Asian Weddings During Extended Lunar Year: Asian Top Wedding Designers
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Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder: Pale Beauty Rages in South and Southeast Asian Countries

Asians Want to Look Great For Wedding During Extended Lunar Year: They are Marrying for Good Fortune

More and more Asian women are applying cream to their skin, face and neck. They are hoping to acquire white-skinned beauty. They watch TV and read magazines where white-skinned stars are displaying their God-given assets. They want to be part of everything that comes with having a white skin. So the demand for skin whitening products has gone up. That also creates the burgeoning of black markets which sell fake products. While talking about fakes, this is not the first time that the beauty and fashion markets get flooded by copycat products. Fashion designers who hesitated to have their presence on the Web have been suffering from the effects of fake products that claim to be from them in auction houses or on auction sites. For example, counterfeit handbags, watches, porcelain carried by Tiffany and other land-based shops such as Gucci, Dior and others can be found on many sites. In most cases, many of them are not the original products. becomes the new place to shop for luxury products.

Let us go back to the light skin issues and phenomenon seen in Asian countries. Whiter skin is being marketed all over Asia. Customers can find a huge variety of skin-whetening creams on supermarket and pharmacy shelves. For many small businesspeople, the new industry has been fourishing. If you go to Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea and Taiwan, you will find out that four of every 10 women use whitening creams according to market researcher, Synovate. There are skin-whitening for various parts of the body. The primary part is the face though. Consumers can find creams that whiten darker patches of skin in armpits and other areas that are normally covered by clothing. Some of these consumers want to have a full white body. They want to look like the white person. They even invest in products that will give them "the pink nipple" thanks to products that bleach away the brown pigment they were born with.

Why Do These Asians Want to Pass for White so Much? Why Do They Want to Marry White?

Part of it has a cultural explanation. Through films and advertising, dark-skinned people mostly see white-skinned people on various covers of magazines and in movies. The glossier the magazine, the more likely they will find a white face on its cover. In addition, South Korean soap operas are becoming very popular all over Asia. Their lighter-skinned stars have come to represent the aspiration of Asian beauty. Well-heeled young men and women, teenagers want to look like them. So spending money on white-skinned products is the sure way to get what they want. Other sociologists and researchers admit that Asians share a deeply-held cultural preference for lighter skin. The rationale is that a lighter complexion is associated with wealth and higher education levels. The lighter skin indicates that the person does not have to be exposed to the sun that darkens the skin. It also indicates the person's social class and financial standings. Now it makes sense to understand why Asian females would rather marry somebody from their own ethnic groups or a white person. Asian-white interacial unions are growing all the country. Others are saying that the high level or comparable level of Asians' education is also very appealing.

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Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 7:25 PM PDT

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