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Wednesday, 18 January 2006

The Top 2006 Golden Globe Awards Dresses: Who wore what and which color?
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The Women in the Black, Pink, Blue, Red and Yellow dress

The Top 2006 Golden Globe Awards Dresses: Who wore what and which color?

Whenever they show up somewhere, the Desperate Housewives sure steal the show. At the recent Golden Globes, they won both awards and praise for what they were wearing. In a sense, they are setting the tone for this year's prom and Quincenera celebration. Beautiful dresses tend to inspire designers to create flowing, colorful dresses and gowns. Teri Hatcher donned a body-hugging V-neck bronze halter gown that comes equipped with art deco style beading. Queen Latifah looked fabulous in the blue dress she was wearing. So did Nicollette Sheridan! For sure, the color of the dresses and gowns was as important as the dresses themselves. The little black dress still held its own head very well. There is no wonder it is a classic for ever. Sarah Jessica Parker, Charlize Theron and Mary-Louise Parker had their classic little black dress for the occasion.

Bob Mackie dressed Eva Longoria in a red Grecian wrap gown. She wore platform shoes to accentuate the whole thing. Keep your eyes open for this season's prom and quincenera outfits and shoes. Bright red and lime green silk dresses were also on display at the Globes. Giorgio Armani donned Ziyi Zhang in a lime green silk tulle. Scarlet Johansson was dressed by Valentino. She had a red scoop neck dress with soft ruffles on the straps and on the back. As far as Geena Davis, she wore a strapless Escada with a jeweled bustier top.

The color that stunned everybody on the Red Carpet was white. Christian Dior dressed Kate Beckingsale in a gorgeous white dress. Reese Witherspoon wore white with metallic trim. Valentino dressed Keira Knightley in a great strapless white dress. Sandra Oh wore a white gown too. As for Huffman and Bello, they wore ethereal white. Get ready for white to start showing up in wedding, prom and quincenera ceremonies this year. This year's fashion season will be marked mostly by bright colors. As always, the Desperate Housewives' dresses and gowns will be the main examples. There will be lots of 2006 Golden Globes knock-off dresses.

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Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 11:22 PM PST
Updated: Thursday, 9 February 2006 8:02 AM PST

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