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Friday, 9 December 2005
Machinima & Hollywood: Young French Gamers Produce The French Democracy
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Video Game Software Allows Young Gamers To Make Movies: Machinima is Hollywood's New Hope

Some of the good things that came out of the French riots are the Machinima-based movie explosion and the creativity of the young French men who are suffering from French racism. If we can say it, this is a natural convergence of all the killer application and powerful software tech that create large portions of movies effects which have made good money for the filmmakers. Now that young gamers figure out how to make their movies telling their stories, the genie is out of the bottle.

Machinima allows gamers to assemble a group of characters and sequences from favorite games. Then, they add voice-overs while dealing and making references to some reality. The movie business will know a revolution thanks to all the user-friendly and top software package that exists on the Web. If you have a decent computer and access to game software, you will be able to make and distribute animated movies to the the general public over the Internet. This new development has come to signify that the Net is an all-emcompassing medium. According to various movie industry insiders and filmmakers, Machinima is to the movies what blogs have come to signify to the written media. We should not forget that Machinima includes the techniques of blogging, gaming and podcasting with audio. Vlogging or Video blogging techniques are also present. This is truly the democratization of the media times. With blogging, novices and enthusiasts have access to free or decently priced push button publishing. With all these media coming together on the Web, minority groups who have been on the Fringe for a long time can now tell their own story instead of relying on a fly-by-night journalist pretending to know the roots of their problems.

Alex chan wanted the truth to be told. He wanted to make a political statement. He wanted the archaic French system of racism to be dealt with, just like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Junior and countless others did during the Civil Rights movement in the United States. Whether he wanted it or not, Chan soon becomes a social activist with his 12-minute animated film about French racism. The French Democracy unmasked the lies of the City of Lights. France has to deal with the tarnished images published during the weeks of riots caused mostly by ill-treatment, lack of employment and second class status. French rappers have been trying to inform the rest of the country about the dire conditions in which North Africans and people of color are living under. No one paid attention until the costly riots started. Oprah Winfrey, shopping in Hermes got also stung by Racism in France. There were talks about the clerks or store employees confusing her and her entourage with the local Black citizens of North African descent with whom Hermes was having lots of shoplifting problems in the past. Oprah is different. She has access to the ears of the board of the company who dispached the US representative to present his mea culpa on the Oprah Winfrey show. In street terms, US Hermes rep was kissing her [] to diminish the damage in public relations already caused by various reports.

Only if all acts of racism, discrimination and ill-treatment of minority groups could be caught by a video or a Machinima movie! Everyone involved in the promotion of Machinima should get a sign of relief right now. The Academy of Machinima Arts & Sciences will also get new visitors. Video game, The Movies, developed by Lionhead Studios Ltd. will get lots of new customers. Tech-savvy gamers have been flooding their site with thousands of films. Hollywood should pay attention to Machinima enthusiasts. The new golden opportunity in moviemaking in Hollywood may be just around the corner.

Alex Chan made his point. With The French Democracy, he shows the rest of the world that the riots did not come about because of the rioters' link to Islamic fundamentalism. He wanted to show how false these news reports were. The movie shows that the violence was due to racism facilitated by the French society which proclaims, "Liberte, Egalite et Fraternite." The French Democracy movie shows three dark-skinned characters who are French citizens. Until a better social activism movie comes along, Chan will be seen as the creator, instigator of this grassroot movement. Minority groups don't have to take it silently. They can speak up. They can do so much loudly with the video game software, creativity and the Machinima experience.

Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 8:06 PM PST
Updated: Friday, 9 December 2005 8:19 PM PST

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