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Tuesday, 25 October 2005
Amber Frey's Book and Movie: Witness for the Prosecution of Scott Peterson
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His life has changed for ever. He is a convicted felon on death row. He is sitting in jail watching the fascination of the public with his story. He is a killer. He killed his own wife and son, Connor. Her life has changed for ever too. Hers is the story of the second woman who did not know she was dealing with a killer of the first degree. A sweet talker. A guy who knows all the right moves until that fatal day which he sought to hide.

The lives of the Laci Peterson's parents, friends and Modesto residents and the rest of the country have changed for ever too. All it took was one incident. one capital crime. one person with greed and too much time on his hands to devise such a plan. Amber Frey's book and movie are the stories of small towns, America. They are the stories of a young woman's encounter with the beast in the Central Valley of California.

Amber Frey co-wrote the book on the prosecution of her former lover, Scott Peterson. CBS won the bids and bought the book for a tv movie. It's scheduled for tonight. It will go against the season finale of two very popular tv shows: Fox's American Idol and ABC's Lost. Whether viewers watch the movie or not, they will remain captivated by the story of an average single mother who was trying to raise her daughter in Fresno. Fresno, a community she calls home for ever, was soon catapulted into the spotlight.

For sure, that double-homicide investigation was not like anything Fresno has seen before. There were some close similarities. When you have romance, youth, greed and money, all the elements for strong international appeal were reunited in this case. The OJ Simpson trial came to mind as a precedent. From a complete uknown, Amber Frey became the trial's key witness. Her popularity was soon increasing. Her book became a bestseller on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and New York Times.

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Updated: Thursday, 27 October 2005 10:25 PM PDT

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