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Wednesday, 1 February 2006
Employees of Sunriver Seen Unloading Trash onto Company's Vacant Lot in Brian Calhoun's Top Residential Area
Topic: Blogging 2 Shame + Action

It is true that this lot located in the 93722 zip code belongs to Sunriver. But we, residents, don't think they have any rights to put all this stinking trash right under our nose. For God's sake, they are not willing to pay to have it picked up. These employees are adding fresh trash to the piles of construction waste that has been sitting here for months. Would Sunriver do this in Clovis? Would the city of Clovis officials allow such practices?

Phone calls have been made to Fresno officials' voicemail. There is nobody to talk to. We wonder whether they even come to the office to get their paycheck. I never have the luxury of finding an employee I can talk to. I always have to leave messages. So far, Sunriver does not do much to pick up this festering trash which becomes the habitat of all kinds of vermins and pests.

We already know that Sunriver is not in a hurry to complete any of the buildings it is working on. That means we will have to endure their trashing of the neighborhood for a long time. The lot on which the mountains of trash sit is located between two houses whose residents and/or owners are minority people. Of course, across the street from the vacant lot live caucasians who also have to look at the trash day in and day out. For sure, they complain about it. Nothing has been done to effectively manage this waste output. Would we want the company to store all of this trash right here? No, but what can we do? The land is theirs.

The city officials are not willing to do anything yet. They may have other pressing priorities, but public health and residents' safety are not part of this priority list.

More revealing pictures will come soon.

Where Is Sunriver's Construction Waste Storage?

Zip code: 93722; cross streets: Cromwell and Hanna. This is the same zip code with expensive homes and delicate architecture shown in tourism publications and other writings or marketing books.

If you want to have an idea of the zip codes that are in district 2, Check out District 2 Home page.

You will read the following info, " Fresno City Council District 2 is bounded by the San Joaquin River (on the north), Blackstone Avenue (on the east), Shaw & Ashlan Avenues (on the south), and Grantland Avenue and Highway 99 (on the west)" (City of Fresno, District 2 home page, Retrived on 2-1-06).

Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 8:19 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 1 February 2006 9:02 AM EST

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