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Friday, 3 February 2006
Wildflower Seeds Show How Clovis Cares About Her Residents and Homeowners
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Topic: Why Fresno is not Clovis

From the trash piles of Sunriver to Clovis Beautification project: World of differences

Who would not want to live in a place where city officials care about your investments? They work well with the local builders and developers to cough up the money to beautify the major Highway, (Highway 168), leading to the city? Yes, you may pay a premium in fees for the priviledge, but it is worth living there. Officials who receive complaint reports will actually do something about them. We were elated to read in the local paper that Clovis invests more than $15,000 in purchasing wildflower seeds to spread along the highway. For those of you who have never seen the beautiful collage of color during the Spring months around here, you will be in for a huge surprise.

What should you expect to find in the Spring?

The wildflowers from the highway will lead to the doors of the city. If you choose to follow Clovis trails, you will be pleasantly surprised by these varieties of flowers: snapdragon, lupine, African daisy, toadflax, tidytips, desert goldfields, yellow, red and white California poppies. It is a feast for the senses. You will not have to put up with construction waste left behind or stored by a major builder such as Sunriver. Well, let us just add that it has been announced that Caltrans will also spread seeds along Highway 168 interchanges and the freeways's grassy areas. That is good news. Guess who are the contributors in the Clovis's Wildfflower Beautification project?

The Clovis City Engineer said that a bunch of builders and developers chip in to raise the money. Among the donors, you find such great local home builders such as Wilson Homes, home builder Wathen-Castanos, home builder Lennar Fresno, Gary McDonald Homes, the engineering firm of Blair, Church & Flynn, landscape architects Broussard & Associates, Garret Construction, Agee Construction etc. etc.

How great is this? Unlike Sunriver that stores trash on its vacant lot in a top Fresno residential area, Clovis wants to remain attractive. Its officials seize any opportunity to showcase its beauty. Around here in Fresno, there is inertia.

Way to go, Clovis! We just hope to survive this stinking mountain of trash from Sunriver!

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Updated: Friday, 3 February 2006 11:58 AM EST

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