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Thursday, 16 February 2006
Clerk From Brian Calhoun's District2 Office Called
Topic: Fix What's Broken

On Feb. 1, 2006, we e-mailed this blog to the office of Brian Calhoun with a letter crying for help. As soon as they received it, a clerk called us to acknowledge the receipt of the letter. She promised she would pass a copy onto the right city officials. Her gesture gave us hope, but we have not seen any actions from Sunriver also known as Patriots Homes or Mark One or Mark I.

We will write a new letter to the Fresno's City Manager, Mr. Souza, Mayor Alan Autry, Brian Calhoun. A copy of this letter will also be mailed to Sunriver.

Our goal is to have Sunriver clean up and keep the lot clean. We are tired of living with rats, mice and other rodents that find easy refuge in the piles of trash the company generates. Some of our neighbors are ashamed to have friends visit them. They often question our willingness to live with this foul-smelling output of a building company. One of our guests who was from Boston, Massachussets said that in Boston, the company would not get away with this type of open-air waste stored between private residences. Well, we do not like what we are seeing here. We are sick to our stomach looking at this trash day in and day out. It is not OK to have to put up with rats and mice. It is not ok when our kids are afraid of being in the garage and back yard of our property.

All we are asking is for the city to force Sunriver to maintain a clean lot and pay WM to have them pick up the waste on a very regular basis.

Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 10:23 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 16 February 2006 10:24 AM EST

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