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Monday, 27 March 2006
Shopping All the Time: Consumers Want it all Now!
Topic: HollywoodRetroFashion

The doleful side of consumer glutonny is that ninety-five percent of those afflicted can ill afford to be so greedy. Sure they make decent incomes, but they spend twice as much as they earn. To maintain appearances, they must eat in all the right restaurants such as The Cheesecake Factory, order all the right foods (whole foods, organic foods), drink the right wines (California ones), wear the right clothes, and arrive in the right car. Are you not tired of all these life's pressure moments?

An industry has been created to ease the oppression that comes with living beyond your means. If you are not carrying the more than $115 needed to acquire this handbag or Gucci outfit, then you can always charge it. Stores have created a thriving credit business within their retail business to suit your needs. Banks have designed a plastic card that will give you a $15,000 line of credit on which to hang yourself and subject yourself to a rat race. But do not commit the mistake or faux-pas of presenting the wrong color of plastic for your purchases: a true consumer glutton carries only gold or platinum cards. Using plastic is not like spending money, after all, and at the end of each month you have only that tiny little payment to make. So what if there is nineteen-percent interest added to the unpaid balance? You have the goods, the merchandise you wanted so badly.

If your career is cutting into your shopping time, or if you feel that a retailer's twelve-hour day is too limiting, a special service has been designed for you. Besides the New Home Shopping Guide, a televised shopping service, which allows you to sit in your own living room and view merchandise as it is canoized by a team of consumer evangelists, you now have the power of online shopping in the palm of your hands. Should we say it is available through your finger tips. No longer do you have to dial the phone and give one of your many credit card numbers, you can enter these numbers into the online form, select how soon you want the products and which carrier to bring it to your door step.

Well, folks, this is no more the 1960s. We have to adapt to change. It can only get better from now on.

Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 9:52 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 27 March 2006 9:54 AM EST

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