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PromQuinceneraBlogger: ritzyClothes2Rags Fashion, PromQuinceneraDresses, allpromdressesweb & Sweet Sixteen Gowns
Thursday, 6 April 2006
Counterfeit Fashion, Oscar Knockoffs by ABS Allen Schwartz
Topic: AllthingsQuinceanera

Designers of Original Fashion Want to Ban The Likes of Oscar-knockoff Dress Designer, ABS Owner, Allen B. Schwartz from Copying Creations [Splurge & Knockoff or Look-alike Fashion Market, ]

Knockoffs, as in Oscar-knockoffs, refer to the copying of hot designs by famous designers whose dresses are envied by rich superstars. Knockoffs are the opposites of originals. They can be inexpensive designer look-alikes, designer clones, lower-price versions of a great style, counterfeit fashion, interpreted look.

Let the true designers of expensive fashion come forward to justify the prices of their creation. Consumers raise their hands to their heads to cry and say no. They want to walk out of the room. Just a small group of them want to stick around. But the majority of them wants to have an alternative to the expensive goods. They join Allen B. Schwartz, owner and designer of Oscar-knockoff brand ABS. If there is a law banning the copying of high-end, posh prom dresses by Allen and his cohorts, then prom dress shoppers will be in for a surprise. Maybe the lively traditions of prom and quincenera celebrations will be eliminated from Junior high and high schools. Maybe it will be just like New Orleans where students do not even think about prom if a good samaritan from the rest of the country does not send in some collected prom dresses.

What will H&M, Zara, Gap and Banana Republic Do?

Customers may no longer be able to get their designer look-alikes fixes. They are not ready to spend thousands on a dresses which they will wear very irregularly. Allen B. Schwartz proves there is a market for those who are not interested in the splurge. A market does exist for those who can afford a $300 and up dress. Well, knockoffs have their shelf value. Many retailers will agree that more people buy the interpreted versions of fanciful, gorgeous dresses created by the likes of Gucci, Versace, Vera Wang, Zum Zum, Zac Posen, Diane Von Furstenberg, Narciso Rodriguez. If these high-profile designers and the Council of Fashion Designers of America have their way, a new anti-copying campaign will soon be launched all over the country. Who will be the beneficiaries and the losers? If a bill is introduced in congress to regulate fashion design, then consumers will be forced to buy the expensive designs. That means there will be a limited supply of the white slip wedding gown worn by Caroline Bessette Kennedy in 1996. Von Furstenberg's wrap dresses will also be in limited supply.

Designers Want a Fashion Design Anti-piracy Act. How will It Work?

For sure, it is going to be a headache for major department stores. Copyright law protects a creator or original material. It protects songwriters and screenwriters for the creators' life plus 70 years. Clothing is not protected this way. So fashion designers are asking for a 10-year protection, based on boat hull statute. So nobody would steal the embroidered beige Elie Saab gown that Halle Berry wore in 2003. Vera Wang's yellow butterfly ruffles dress for Michelle Williams would be safe from being reproduced. Department stores want to continue to carry counterfeit fashion or knockoffs and originals. Both may have their own customers. After all, they want to sell. The consumers should make the calls. If there were no consumers wanting them, knockoffs would be eliminated. There is a market for them if you look at the figures obtained from ABS with Allen B. Schwartz, the king of Oscar Prom dresses. Dresses, clothes, handbags, shoes will be copied by foreign designers. How about the Chinese? Who will stop them from making great Oscar-knockoffs? They may justify their copying by saying that the so-called original designers must have gotten their inspirations from somewhere. They just happen to take their own inspiration from them. They, too, spend time researching fabrics, ideas and techniques. They are more interested in what the consumers want while providing it at an affordable price.

Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 2:29 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 13 April 2006 11:28 AM EDT
Friday, 10 March 2006
Prom Season Leads into Wedding Season: 12 Weeks of Shopping & Celebrating
Topic: AllthingsQuinceanera

Shopping for School Prom & Quincenera Dress is Year Round Business

As the prom season gives way to the wedding season, many wedding shops continue to do brisk business with school students who are trying to get great deals on fabulous dresses. For many of these kids and parents, prom shopping is never out of fashion. They will need a dress to participate in prom night in their Junior and Senior years. So they even recruit their best friends and parents to keep an eye open for the latest trends in gowns and formal wear. Young women do not leave anything to chance. Unlike the guys, they have ideas of which boutique will be graced or blessed by their shopping. After all, the dresses that come with the most details and current style are not cheap. Prom night expenses are something that most parents and prom participants must save for. Pink prom dresses with high neck are already in demand.

To get ready for the prom night here is a list of things that prom junior and senior can do

Guys can make reservations with a formalwear specialist to help them select their tuxedos and other accessories. In most towns, there exists a men's warehouse that carries top shirt, pants, tie and shoe brands. If you have no clue about how to choose a tuxedo that will match with your shirt and the rest of your accessories, it is time to make plans to see a personal shopper or formalwear specialist. Guys should not procrastinate. What do you want to wear? Single or double-breasted jackets? Let the formalwear doctor guide your selection. Do not wait for the last minute to try to make reservations for a limo. Restaurant reservations are also important if there is no catering in place. During the prom season, limos are hot commodities. If you are not sure what your date is going to wear in case you want to coordinate, get her best friend to help you out.

Avoid being in a rush to get into a prom store. Most prom shop owners will allow you to come in group to shop. Or they can block some time when your party can freely shop. At the same time, they also offer customized services and keep track of all the dresses and gowns sold to young women attending a specific school. This way, you will not have to be surprised by another prom girl wearing the same dress as you. On prom night, you should be unique. Your dress should be one of a kind too. Now prom hair is something that requires lots of attention. You may want to make an appointment with your beautician. Tanning is becoming more and more popular in various milieus. But in the Hamptons, the Carolinas, California and Florida, tanning is part of the whole prom preparation. Remember that your prom bill will include items such as dress, tuxedo, limo, tanning, beauty parlor, dinner, invitation materials, corsage, boutonniere, tickets to the dance, shoes, shawls, purses, jewelry, hairstyling, visits to salons, hiring of Sephora makeup specialist, manicures, pedicures, professional photo albums etc.

As prom season overlaps with wedding season, many store owners are pretty busy. So are their employees who are moving around the store for hours. In order to shop with ease, find out about the store's new schedule. Many shop owners find it necessary to extend their hours in the evenings. Some even open on Sundays in order to accommodate the greatest amount of teenagers possible. For 12 prom nights out of the year, dress shops, limo services, limo drivers, caterers, flower shops and many other ancillary businesses are very busy. A new phenomenon that arises with the arrival of the H2 Hummer superstretch limo which can carry 16 passengers. Get ready for the cost. Some limo services are known to rent them for $200 per hour. If you do not want to be placed on a waiting list, once again make your reservation very early. Depending on where you live, there is a specific month or time of the year when prom dates, brides and bridesmaids will bump into each other at local stores. For us around here, the whole month of May is hectic at the dress shops. Part of the getting-ready process is to consider some time for tryouts. Do not wait until prom night to become all teary about the length of your dress. Make sure you made appointments with a dress alteration shopkeeper. If you are lucky enough to know a mother who is good at sewing, then get her to work on altering your prom dress. Keep in mind that dress alterations workers are rare. Depending on where you live, you may not have anybody to do this specific work for you. Be ready to pay them. They charge between $30 and $40 a dress. The lowest I have seen is $25.00. If you are in a bind, make sure to contact somebody at your school district. They may have a list of contacts with alteration shop owners you can tap into.

Good luck looking great on your prom night!

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Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: Friday, 10 March 2006 11:02 AM EST

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