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Monday, 26 June 2006
Asians' Lunar Year Record Weddings: Asian Designers and Planners
Topic: California Prom Dresses

Beauty at what Price? The Pain Behind all the white-faced Fronts

According to doctors, consumer groups and governement officials, there are dangerous consequences that result from the proliferation of fake skin-whitening products found on the black market. Keep in mind that the products have acids that remove old skin to reveal newer, lighter skin underneath. Some of the creams that most women are using in these countries contain powerful but illegal bleaching agents. Some of the users of the creams end up looking roasted. They look very different from what they looked before applying the creams. Others are suffering from the ridicule and mockery of others who start calling them "spirits, ghosts, zombies or vampires."

Tiffany wanted to be beautiful in her wedding dress. But she did not want to be disfigured. She wanted her fianc� to be proud of her when she decided to start applying face-whitening cream. At first, she started seeing the good results. She soon had some other ideas. She wanted to apply the cream all over her body. This time, she was in for a few surprises. Now Tiffany is wondering whether her skin will be healed enough to even get married to her fianc�. She starts doubting her beauty. She goes out less now. She is wondering whether she will be married in October as planned. Yet, she is under a lot of pressure by her parents who want her to get married during this extended lunar year in order to get good fortune. Until next February 27, Asians believe that the extended lunar year will bring them good omen, wealth, health and better chance if they get hitched. This new flurry of weddings has come to keep many restaurants, taylors and banquet owners busy. In the Bay Area and all over California, Asians are getting married in order to get blessed.

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Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 10:28 PM EDT

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