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Saturday, 14 January 2006
Shop for ipods and other true gadgets
Topic: New York Prom Dresses

The Neiman Christmas Book Catalog has arrived. It's full with gadgets that any guys will fall in love with. Please count my husband and son in. Ever since we returned from our trip to the mountains of Santa Cruz, all they have been talking about are trains, miniature trains for sure. So I have been looking around for a good company that makes toy trains for my son. My husband was on his own. He had to find his own trains. While I found countless train toys for my son, he found Roll Models which manufactures trains for order. He is even planning on visiting the plant since it's located in Fresno, California, in the Central Valley. When he found out that the company has a model that appears in The Neiman Christmas book catalog, he had to have it too. Lo and behold, Roll Models only made 5 trains. It's a limited edition. Roll Models has been in the business of manufacturing miniature trains designed for children and adults to ride on. The company makes railroad sets that run on tracks.

The Grand Empire Railroad costs a whopping $200,000. For the true train enthusiasts, that is nothing. The Neiman Marcus model is propane powered, but locomotives also run on electric, diesel and steam and gasoline.

My husband and son's dreams may come true some day. They'll be pleased to have their own trains in the back yard. Let's say in the front yard.

What do we know about RMI Railworks?

Sources: Find more info at or

The company is well-known in the industry. It has installed its fun replicas all over the country according to

The Grand Empire package includes a steam style 2-6-2 locomotive with internal combustion engine that runs on odor-free propane, two high-side riding gondolas with three cushioned seats, a banquet car with insulated food and beverage compartment.

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Updated: Tuesday, 17 January 2006 3:47 PM EST

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