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Tuesday, 28 March 2006
Thermos Grill2Go Fire+Ice
Topic: Hot Real Estate Shopping

The Mixture of Fire and Ice Made Possible by the Thermos� Grill2Go

This is a great gas grill for anybody who likes barbecuing on the beach, at campgrounds and parties. How about finding your own little corner of the soccer or football fields to start grilling while cheering for your team? With the Thermos� Grill2Go, all of these things are possible. Right by you, you will have access to two most precious commodities: A nicely burger and a cold one. That's what a few friends of mine did a few weeks ago when we went hiking the Half Dome and Yosemite Falls. After our climb was over, we came down to commune and enjoy some great food together. Besides the other ice chests that most of us brought, the hike organizer brought his Thermos Grill2Go to showcase and prepare some meals for us. No other burgers have tasted this good! It must be the idea of eating in the wilderness which was our base camp. Yes, we were also hungry, but nothing tasted better than these grilled pieces of chicken and beef paddies.

What to know about the Thermos Grill2Go Fire+Ice:

Here is what you'll get if you decide to purchase one of these neat machines: 3 Years (Aluminized Top and Bottom , Stainless Steel Burner), 1 Year (Cooler and Lift Mechanism), 1 Year Limited All Other Parts. In addition, you'll get lots of B-B-Q joy from this gas grill. The cooking surface is non-stick grate/griddle. The burner is stainless. What you need to remember is that the cooking area is 310

A few things to keep in mind when shopping for a grill:

The cooking area consists of length versus width of the primary cooking area and the warning rack. You have to decide whether you want to grill a meal for a small family of two or three or prepare an extended family feast. The cooking areas can range from 310 sq. in. to 896

How about the cooking surface? The grills have either porcelain wire, porcelain cast iron or stainless cooking surfaces. As in this thermos Grill2Go, you'll be happy to know that best cooking performance comes from a grill with either a porcelain cast iron or stainless cooking surface.

Furthermore, when it comes to the burners, you will realize that the best grills have either stainless cast iron or cast brass burners which usually give outstanding cooking performance. If you should purchase a grill with cast brass burners, you'll find out that they offer lifetime warranties.

BTU: The higher the BTU, the better searing you'll get

Well, let's quickly add that in the absence of elemental conditions, this thermos will give a pretty consistent searing of your meals. BTU is the abbreviated form of British Thermal Unit which is a measurement of how much heat your grill will generate. If you want to get into higher BTUs, you may want to look at the 53,000 BTU Char-Broil Keepers of the Flame Commercial series, 36,000 BTU Weber, 40,000 +12,000 BTU side burner Brinkman etc.

Final thoughts

As a portable system, the Thermos Grill2Go is a very decent gas grill which will keep your burger hot and beverages cold at the same time.

Posted by Fashionista Shopping Analyst at 11:14 PM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 28 March 2006 11:16 PM PST
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